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Looking to buy a yoga 700, need help regarding display issues

2018-07-16, 14:51 PM
So I'm very interested in buying a Lenovo yoga for video editing, mainly because it's very well built, and seems to have the fewest user reported issues out of all the recommended editing laptops.
As such, I'm considering two options:
  1. Lenovo Yoga 720 15" 4k, 16gb ram, 512gb ssd, with GTX 1050 GPU
  2. Lenovo Yoga 730 15'' FHD , 16GB RAM, 512gb SSD, with GTX 1050 4GB GPU
Here's my dilemma:
  • I've heard ALOT of people have had issues with 4k yoga 720 laptops having a black line of dead pixels. Has this ever been resolved?
  • Is this the case for 720's with FHD screens as well?
  • What about the 730's? Do they have 4K black line issues as well? Do the FHD versions have that issue too?

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Re: Looking to buy a yoga 700, need help regarding display issues

2018-07-18, 3:26 AM
the 720 is a better deal right now because of issues with the 730 and it throttling the CPU to very slow speeds IMHOP.

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Re: Looking to buy a yoga 700, need help regarding display issues

2018-08-29, 3:17 AM

My 2 cents is go with the yoga 720 4k it is trully a beautiful thing but buy a good warranty and hope you do not have issues after 6 months or so.


Top 3 issues with 720-15IKB as of when I write this post: 

1) black line top screen

2) touchscreen functionality stops working for either hardware failure or driver failure

3) cpu weird throttling or overworking behaviors


You can gamble and hope none of this happens to you outside of your warranty.


This forum search link is a good start to see any potential issues. 


Monitor each of the 3 and as soon as you experience one you need to:

  1. try to pinpoint why it happened
  2. find the topic here and help others out
  3. probably factory reset your laptop once in the process
  4. finally send in for repairs.


Again, I am very satisfied with this laptop. Unfortunately #2, just recently happened to me.


Good luck!



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