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Looking to purchase a Yoga 11 or 13, but would like some feedback from current owners

2013-06-30, 0:17 AM

Hey all,


I am currently looking at purchasing a Lenovo Yoga system (11 or 13, not quite sure which one yet). I have tested them out in stores, and all in all I like them.


However, I want to hear from current owners from their experiences, I have read reviews from TheVerge and other websites, but nothing honestly beats a consumer review based on day to day usage. My main usage for this will be as a student. So web browsing, Netflix/720p video, office suites, and possibly some other usage, but for that, I have a server I will be using.


My biggest concerns are battery life, while haswell is out, I have not been able to get a firm understanding of when it would be possible to expect a Haswell based yoga system. I have heard "fall" to "no time frame" from sales reps, and considering school starts in August/September, it is hard to wait till fall for a laptop Not impossible, but, hard.


Do you guys enjoy it? Are there any critiques? I have read that the system is not easily upgradeable, is it all that hard for someone to do (I have replaced motherboards from Dell Laptops, so I am not stupid when it comes to replacing parts)? Can you give me further ideas on what the specs or hardware being used is, for instance what type of wireless card is used in the system (I would definitely prefer an Intel based WLAN card which I suspect could be used in a second mSATA/mPCI port)?


I am basically looking for everything that I can before I make a purchase on this system, as my alternative is a X1 Carbon Touch, but that is a subject for another section of these forums.


I really appreciate any feedback a current owner could give me!


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Re: Looking to purchase a Yoga 11 or 13, but would like some feedback from current owners

2013-06-30, 12:42 PM

I have a Yoga 13 and it's fantastic so far.  My only real complaint is the touchscreen does not work well with stylus.  Or at least I have not found any that work well with it yet.  If you are looking to draw, or write on this touchscreen with precision using a stylus, you will probably be disappointed like me thus far.


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Re: Looking to purchase a Yoga 11 or 13, but would like some feedback from current owners

2013-07-01, 13:30 PM
It really depends on if you want to risk getting a unit with poor wireless. Lenovo does not seem to be willing to fix the problem (so far) and many people here on these forums have wireless that is almost unusable.

Also, the fans are fairly loud and some people find that annoying.

If Lenovo builds a Haswell-based Yoga with a different wireless chip, different antenna design, and different fan profile, that might be a machine worth waiting for.

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Re: Looking to purchase a Yoga 11 or 13, but would like some feedback from current owners

2013-07-21, 4:35 AM
The two machines are night vs. day. One runs Win8 RT (11 inch) and the other Win8 Pro (13 inch). It depends on if you need to run traditional legacy Windows apps, if so, go with 13.

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Re: Looking to purchase a Yoga 11 or 13, but would like some feedback from current owners

2013-07-21, 10:20 AM

I have had a YOGA 13 since release day with the i5, 4G RAM and a 128 gb ssd. For this price (I paid $999), it is an amazing ultrabook. It is very sturdy. I have had no problem with the WiFi connecting to any router. It seems to me the people having that problem all seem to fix it by getting a new Wireless. The battery life is great. I get 5-6 hours when I use it for just browsing and using word. It fully charges in less than an hour. I don't find the fans too loud and on my machine they are not always on. They fans are necessary though, if you download fan control, you can control them, but if you turn them too low, your machine will get hot. The screen is bright and sharp.  I love using it with the keyboard bent back to watch movies or to read on. The optional sleeve protects the keyboard from direct exposure. I am guessing the next version will have the Haswell chip and last a lot longer on battery and they may be able to eliminate the fans. As for space, you can upgrade by adding a second SSD and bigger RAM, and apparently this will not void your warranty. However, all I did was throw in a 128 GB SD card and I use this for additional storage and automatic backup. The 13 inch machine gives you a nice big screen to work on, but it can be a little on the big and heavy side for holding as traditional tablet. Its best uses are as a portable power laptop for production work  (editing, writing, programming, composing) or to fold back for consumption (reading, browsing, movie watching). The 11s if probably better for tablet work, but the screen resolution is lower.

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