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Punch Card
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Maxx Audio Software

Does anyone have a link to the Maxx Audio software for my Yoga 3  Pro?


Upgraded the Realtek drivers (via MS Updates) and I know longer have the Maxx Audio software which changed the audio qualiity depending on the application and orientation

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Re: Maxx Audio Software

Had similar issue to yours yesterday.


Have you installed the latest version of Realtek drivers -


Read instructions while installing carefully and let the program install.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Maxx Audio Software

Maxx Audio is the most amazing sound tool available, I had that software with my previous Asus N and I was so happy to find out that my new yoga comes with MaxxAudio built in, as an audiophile who knows how important the sound performance, I was surprised to find out that there is only one good solutiono available in the market, that provides true representation of the stereo image, the mix, the balance between the instruments. maxxaudio is the most powerful audio engine I  have ever encountered - I have friends in the music business that keep praising maxxaudio and Waves for what their software can do in the recording studio, they are like the photoshop for sounds and music, which explains it all. this is GREAT addition to my lenovo YOGA. keep adding more value to the laptops. I LOVE the MAXXAUDIO and what it does to the music adn video clips we watch 

Punch Card
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Re: Maxx Audio Software

That was the ticket! Many thanks, all back to normal! Phew!

Paper Tape
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Re: Maxx Audio Software

I have problem with Maxx Audio Software. I connect my headphones (or speakers) to jack and I set all audio settings. Everything is ok until I disconnect my headphones (or turn off PC). After reconnect Maxxaudio automatically select earphone (small) and I must manually select headphones (or speakers) again. Is it possible to set headphones as default device?
Thank you very much.

What's DOS?
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Re: Maxx Audio Software

Maxx Audio is part of the Realtek Driver FYI. Just install it! Smiley Very Happy

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