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Paper Tape
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My Yoga 920... Oh So Many Issues

Well, I have decided to post this here... I am currently making a list of all of the issues i am having.... I started the list and decided i really HAVE to post this here.  


I bought this Lenovo Yoga 920 in the end of  november, 2017.  It worked ok for about a month and then it started having issues.  After 5 months of dealing with the ever increasing amount of issues, I have come to the conclusion that this laptop was either put together by satan and shipped to me OR it was somehow possessed by a demon, once it arrived here to my house.  


This list is not in any actual order, it is based on me sitting here and thinking about what odd things have happened to this laptop.  The First issue was that the keyboard would work, when i had the Tablet mode in use.  That was really irritating, but i could deal with it.  Then the next issue was that the Screen decided not to rotate. That was really odd, but i could deal with it.  I figured it was a software glitch and I dont really need to use the tablet mode....   Next the sound quit.  That bothered me, but I was ok enough at the moment.  I decided to call Lenovo and they said "oh its probably a software glitch" and so i went back to work.  


Next I would notice that when it was charging, it would get really hot (there is a Windows sticker that is on the bottom.... the heat made it actually slide across the bottom).  I also found out that if touch the bottom of the laptop, the screen would go nuts.... it would type  whatever it wants... it would also show Mic off Mic On and all kinds of other stuff.  So I called again, to complain.  They used a Remote Session to watch and try to diagnose.... the tech saw the screen go nuts and he gave me a case number to take to best buy.  


So up to now, i have also noticed other issues, such as: The processor randomly slow down (the processor seemd to get overloaded or something),  The laptop would just turn off randomly  (I would get up to do something and when i return.... OFF.  I learned to save everything, minute by minute)  The battery would discharge insanely fast, the touch screen would act crazy at times (when touching it, it would do random stuff) and so on...


So over the past few months,  i have contacted lenovo many times, they gave me a case number, they watched my screen go crazy (remote session) and they have been no real help.  


Then last night happened.  The laptop just turned off while i was typing...  it quit charging, quit working, just turned off.  Nothing. Dead as a doornail. 


So today I went to bestbuy and talked to the geek squad guys there. They said that they cant open the laptop up, they have to send it off to the main service center, it will take 2 to 3 weeks at a minimum and they need a $35 deposit.  So, i then called lenovo. 


They tell me that my only option is to ship it to them and see what is wrong OR hand it over to Best Buy and let them ship it off to the Best Buy Serive Center (I bought the yoga from lenovo online).  Once they look at the laptop, they 'Fix" it and send the rebuilt one back to me.  $2000 and i get a rebuilt Yoga.... after a minimum of 2 few weeks.  


Now my next issue is that the ssd hard drive has lots of info on it, client info.  Sure, send all of it to them.  When it DOES return, it could have a new hard drive....  I explained to the lady on the phone that this info is important and i refuse to just hand it over and see what happens.  Lets just say she was no help at all....  


So, I have talked to lenovo multiple times today and the Support People have been crappy to deal with.  No supervisor to speak to.  No other department to speak to.  NO LOCAL service center.  Best Buy refused to open the laptop up and try to get it working, so i can delete all of the data on the hard drive.....  


I have had enough for one day.  I have decided to take the rest of the day off, make a large margarita and call Lenovo over and over.  I refuse to sit back and see what happens.   


If anyone has any input or wants to vent.... im here for you Smiley Happy



Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎06-05-2018
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Re: My Yoga 920... Oh So Many Issues

Well after multiple calls to lenovo..... I have a FedEx sticker.  I have to send it in and pray that they fix it. I have always bought IBM then Lenovo.  This will be my last Lenovo.   It has been 6 months so far and it worked good the 1st month.  I wish I had sent it back earlier or disputed it with my credit card (for leverage) or anything else.  But I shall wait to see what happens....


Btw my new dell xps 15" 2 in 1 will arrive in 3 days.  I should have just bought it instead of this thing.  Now, I will have a expensive lenovo backup at my office....



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