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My battery goes down while I am using it and charging it -- what can be done?

I have a Yoga that is less than a year old.  When I charge it now and use it, the battery continues to go down. Is there a setting issue?  What can be done to address this?


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Re: My battery goes down while I am using it and charging it -- what can be done?

Welcome to the forum.


1. What model Yoga is this? Something like "Lenovo YOGA 900S12ISK." Lenovo Vantage displays this at the bottom of every screen.


2. Are you using the AC charger that came with this Yoga? AC chargers come in diffferent power capacities, e.g. 45W, 65W, 90W. If you use a charger with a lower rating than your Yoga model requires then it may not be able to recharge the battery as fast as the system consumes power..


3. What activities are you doing on the Yoga as it's charging? If you're using CPU-intensive activities with the screen at maximum brightness then it's possible you need a higher capacity charger.


4. It's possible the battery is defective. Go to Lenovo Vantage -> Hardware Settings -> Power -> Battery and click Show Details. Please post the report here.

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