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Blue Screen Again
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New Yoga 2 11 Battery Not Really charging to 100%



I just bought (last week) a Yoga 2.  I love it, but the battery doesn't seem to really be charing to 100%.  I left my computer charging overnight (alongside my cell phone, which charged just fine) and then tried to use it the next day, but when I start up windows I get shown a message that the battery is only charged to 55%.   I immediatly plugged it it (I needed to be using it on battery power for a while) and after charging for about 10-15mins it told me it was 100% charged.  I proceeded to use it on battery power andeverything seemed fine (ie I was getting about 4-5 hours of life out of it) so I didn't worry about it.


But it happened again today - I left the computer to charge overnight (plugged into the same powerstrip as my phone, which charged just fine once again) and when I started up isaw that the battery had only charged to 55%.  I decided to just keep using it to see if it would jump up to 100% (a friend told me that maybe the system is just calibrating to the battery and so gets the percent charged wrong when it powers up).  However, the battery has just steadily discharged, leading me to believe it really was only charged to 55%.  


After reading a bit online I checked the Lenovo Energy Manager, but I don't have conservation mode turned on (or any other special settings, I haven't used that app before).  


Please let me know if there is a simple fix - I really like this computer, but if I can't find a reasonable fix I will be exchanging this laptop, I need a laptop that does fully charge.







What's DOS?
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Re: New Yoga 2 11 Battery Not Really charging to 100%

I am having this exact same probblem!! Did you ever find a fix?!

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