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Blue Screen Again
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New Yoga C930 Pen stuck?

Hey all, just wondering if anyone has solutions for the pen failing to eject in a brand new c930? The pen “clicks” when you press it but does not eject beyond a mm or two (so you can’t grab it). 


Wondering if if there are any obvious solutions or if I should just return and get a new one. 



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Re: New Yoga C930 Pen stuck?

I had read somewhere that there was an issue of the computer shutting down if you pull it out while your computer is on in desktop position. The first couple of times I pulled the pen, it did NOT shut down my computer. However, it now I found out when looking at your issue.

The pen, for me, has always been difficult to undock from the computer because it pops up so little that it's hard to grasp. I just tilt the computer and 'pour out' the pen so I can grab it more easily.

I do not like, however, my computer shutting off just because I wanna get out my pen. be fair...the benefits do outweigh the deficits.
Paper Tape
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Re: New Yoga C930 Pen stuck?

I also have this issue. I just purchased the laptop 12 days ago and haven't been able to remove the pen. It clicks and moves ever so slightly, but will not come out. I am considering exchanging/returning the device.
What's DOS?
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Re: New Yoga C930 Pen stuck?

I would just return/exchange it, if that’s an option. what I did!

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