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Paper Tape
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New keybord is making me crazy!

Hello,  This week I purchased a Lenovo 710 Yoga aka 80V5.  This is my first owned copy of Windows 10, my first Lenovo, my first 2 in 1 and my first time truly loving a computer.  Really I love absolutely everything about this computer EXCEPT for one very annoying thing.  

I've been typing since i started on an old typewriter in high school and have been through many, many computers' keyboards, both at work and home and NEVER, ever have I had to deal with a shift key that was moved too far away for my right pinky finger to be able to shift with my right pinky!  Every other keyboard in the world that I use, has a shift key where it belongs when my pinky comes down.  Why they decided to put the up arrow key there and take away my right's ability to shift there is beyond me.  I have literally never seen this before.  Rant over.

Can anyone help me?  Is there a fix for this? I'd like to remap the shift key so that it is the up arrow and vice versa.  I've tried online mapping software but all promises so far are scary, 3rd party, we-just-want-to-get-your-email-address-and-get-your-computer's-info crap promises.  Is there any help for me?  And please don't tell me to re-learn it because I will still need to use a plethora of other keyboards with keys where they belong!

Paper Tape
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Re: New keybord is making me crazy!

I got an 80V5 today, and I HATE the **bleep** shift key.


I am coming from a previos Yoga that was excellent.  I've been using computers since about 1987ish.  I HATE Lenovo for this.  A near perfect computer...minus this crap.


My other complaint is the slickness with the bottom.  It is ALWAYS wanting to slide off my lap.


I'm going to take some Flexseal, mask off the important information/holes below the machine, and spray a liberal coating.  Should give the laptop some actual traction.

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