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Fanfold Paper
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Ordered recovery media for yoga 910 June 17 -still not received- Lenovo "system down"

On June 17 my Yoga 910 shut down on its own.  When I tried to restart it, I a blue box telling me  "default boot device missing or boot failed".  I called Lenovo support who told me I needed a recover flash drive and for $69, they would send me one via UPS  in 3-5 business days.  I still have no recovery drive.  I have made multiple calls to the support number and they have consistently told me that their "system is down" so they cannot look up my case #. When I asked where this system was , I was advised it was the North Carolina location of Lenovo.  I just got off my latest frustrating phone call where now I am being told they will escalate my problem to Level 2, but they still can't see the status of my order and still don't have access to tracking numbers. 


I asked them to send me a download of the software so I could load it onto a drive myself, but they say thay can't do that.


Is anyone else having trouble like this?  I am amazed there is not a thread with complaints re the lack of service. 





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Re: Ordered recovery media for yoga 910 June 17 -still not received- Lenovo "system down"

I am confused myself.  My friend called on his Thinkpad and for 3 weeks now they said the system is down for ordering recovery media.  I dont understand how a computer company cannot get recovery media even ordered for 3 weeks now.  Not sent mind you just trying to get ordered is not even possible.  I told him just download media from Microsoft and use Vantage to update Lenovo software.


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ordered recovery media for yoga 910 June 17 -still not received- Lenovo "system down"

Thanks for the tip.  I hadn't thought of approaching it from the Microsoft end.  I will search there and see if I can find what I need.  (Sorry, thought I had posted this same day you responded, but forgot to hit send. :/  )


 Anyway, thank you again, but I don't think I should put in "accept as solution" as it's still not working yet. I will come back and do that is some tech person can get it going with the media you referred me to. 


Here is what happened, if you can stand to read it. Today, 7/6, I had the time to  find the software I needed and put it on a USB. Unfortunately, I still can't get  it to work.  I initially downloaded directly to a USB stick and computer saw USB, but told me it couldn't find any drives. Then contacted Microsoft support chat and he told me I needed to download as ISO and then put on USB, so I did that, When I used that one, I got a message saying "EFI USB device is blocked by the current security policy".  Microsoft support tole me I needed to get to BIOS to turn off secure boot, but computer won't let me get to BIOS no matter what way I try.  Tried calling Lenovo support again so maybe they could walk me through getting it to work.  Tried to boot into BIOS, spoke to his supervisor, nothing worked. Advised me to call their "premium" support #, (which is the one I have been calling for weeks) on Monday as today their system is down.  He said system would be up Monday.  Hard to believe. At some point Lenovo person also told me if he couldn't get it going today I should probably take it to Best Buy for repair.  I guess I appreciate his honesty.  Microsoft guy finally said "honestly, it's impossible for a device to not access BIOS", so I have stumped everyone. 


So thank you again.  Don't think  I should put in accept as solution since it's not working yet.  I will come back and do that  if it turns out some tech person can get it working with the media I downloaded.  


Enjoy the rest of your July 4 weekend. 



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