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Paper Tape
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Power Adapter for Lenovo Yoga 900 - 65w / 40w

Hello everyone,


I purchased Lenovo Yoga 900 Ideapad and I am currently using it in India. The power adapter seems to have gone bad and I wasn't able to charge the laptop with the given adapter. 


Since the laptop is under warranty, I contacted the warranty help line only to know that I need to take the laptop to the service center. At a service center, no one really knew how the USB 3.0 charging port works and couldn't check whether the cable was short or the adapter had gone bad. Anyhow, they decided to replace it under warranty but again, they weren't sure when and if the replacement would arrive (as it depends on the inventory levels with Lenovo India). 


An exclusive Lenovo shop then offered me an original Lenovo power adapter with USB 3.0 charging at USD 70 but only when it got delivered, I see that it is 40W and not 65W like the original one I had. 


65W adapter - the USB 3.0 connecter (one which connects the laptop) is orange. The wall adapter doesn't heat up while laptop is charging.

40W adapter - the USB 3.0 connecter is yellow. The wall adapter heats up quite a lot while the laptop is charging. 


The Lenovo store representative has assured me that this is the right adapter but somehow I am not convinced. 


Can the community throw some light on this:

- Is it safe to use a 40W adapter for a 65W specification?

- Is there any way I can get the adapter replaced by Lenovo US (I can ship the faulty adapter to US)?

- Is there any dock compatible with Yoga 900 which can solve all my challenges (power to laptop using USB 3.0, Ethernet port, HDMI, additional USB ports for connectivity)




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Community SeniorMod
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Re: Power Adapter for Lenovo Yoga 900 - 65w / 40w

Hello and welcome,


I can' t address all of your question but I can say that the 40W adapter is not the right one for your Yoga.  The 40W adapter is used with the Yoga 3 Pro and perhaps other lower-power laptops.


Some people report "getting away" with using the 40W adapter but others report problems.  Depending on laptop workload and whether it's charging at the same time that you are using it, it may overheat.  It can go into overtemp shutdown or  overcurrent shutdown and cause the laptop to toggle between AC and battery mode frequently.  It can also just fail from high temps.


BTW, that port is USB 2.0 + power in, not USB 3.0.




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Paper Tape
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Re: Power Adapter for Lenovo Yoga 900 - 65w / 40w

Thank you Z for your reply. I think I was making a mistake in calling it USB3.0 port. Thanks for correcting that. Smiley Happy


Well, as of now, I am using the 40W adapter to power the laptop when it is off. And turn the AC power off when I need to use the laptop. 


I am surprised and at the same time disappointed that the authorized Lenovo Store sold a non compatible power adapter to me. Do you know how do I escalate this to the Lenovo customer service? 

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