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Blue Screen Again
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Quad Core in Yoga 13

Disclaimer: I fully understand the high level of stupidity of what I am proposing to do. If it doesn't fail initially, it will most certainly destroy my Yoga long before it's time. All form of warranty will be voided and I will go down in history as a complete jack*** for having blown $1500+ on a laptop, cpu, etc.. only to destroy it. 


Now that I've gotten that out of the way. Every laptop that I've ever owned I have upgraded the CPU, along with everything else. It's kind of an addiction at this point. So naturally, I've been exploring my options with the Yoga.


The first major obstacle is the fact that it's soldered to the mainboard (BGA). While that's a hurdle, it's no dealbreaker. I'll just have to pay a professional with the proper BGA equipment to make the swap.


The next problem (the one I'm stuck on) is determining compatibility. There are plenty of options for the socket (fcBGA1023). The chipset (HM77) appears to be compatible with a wide range of chips as well. TDP is one of the most important considerations. The Yoga does well temperature wise under full load for an extended time. Current TDP is 17w, but I would certainly feel comfortable with the 25w i7-3555LE (2.5GHz/3.2GHz turbo). The lowest TDP on a quad is 35w on the i7-3612QE, which is the chip I'm considering.


Jumping from 17 to 35 watts TDP is probably not the best move. At the least it will have a significant impact on life of all components and an instant impact on battery life. At worst the Yoga will not have the juice to properly power everything with the added load. 


Here is my biggest concern and where I would like some feedback. Will the BIOS (UEFI) properly recognize / support the quad core. My previous laptop (Asus G50v) ran into this problem. A quad processor was available and otherwise compatible, but support was not built into the BIOS and thus it did not work.


I don't really expect Lenovo engineers to reply (though that would show some amazing customer service), but perhaps someone from the community has some insight that may be helpful.

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