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Punch Card
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RAM replacement or fix for a Yoga 2 Pro?

I've been getting the dreaded blue screen of death with the memory management error for a while now and knowing the RAM is soldered on I figured there was nothing I could do about it, shutting the computer off once a day seemed to help but if I'm using it for a full day then it crashes.


Today I had a new one which was the BSoD and the pfn_list_corrupt error so I ran the memory diagnostic and it came back with a hardware problem with the memory, now I suspected that this was the issue with the memory management errors but now this seems to confirm it.


So what are my options, just put up with it? It seems there's no real fix but aside from the annoyance of crashes and restarts which for now I can just about live with, is this going to ultimately kill my yoga or not?


This along with the wifi problem (thankfully switching that out fixed it) pretty much means this will be the last lenovo product in this household. If I can get another year out of it then I won't feel quite as bad about buying it....BTW is the Pro short for problematic?

Punch Card
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Re: RAM replacement or fix for a Yoga 2 Pro?



No one should have to put up with a computer that is not working correctly.

If your computer is in warranty do activate it.

If not, and assuming the cause is a bad memory chip, you could explore a really invase alternative that is to replace the memory chips. This will requisite advanced eletronics knowledg, a BGA soldering station and new chips. AS you can guess this will not be easy and should be done by a professional. Or you could ask Lenovo for a repair quote.

If everything else fails, new computer Smiley Sad


Are your shure it's a hardware memory problem? Have you tried restoring to a factory image? Tried playing around with drivers?

Punch Card
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Re: RAM replacement or fix for a Yoga 2 Pro?



Thanks for the reply. The computer is no longer under warrenty so no luck there.


I'm fairly certain that it's a memory issue, when I first started getting it I looked around for causes and fixes and a lot of the causes were bad RAM which were then fixed with replaceing it. Some reported that the error was due to either drivers or anti-virus but now that the diagnostic is also pointing to a memory hardware issue I'm fairly confident that's the underlying problem.


I could find a good tech and see how much it would cost to replace it, it looks like once inside there's very nice access to RAM.


My immediate concern though is this going to cause any type of domino affect, if so then I'll have to seek out a proffesional to replace the memory.

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Re: RAM replacement or fix for a Yoga 2 Pro?



You should better check memory integrity with MemTest86 from an USB key (or a CD):


If RAM is really the problem, maybe limiting the CPU speed a little in the Power Options could be an idea...

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Re: RAM replacement or fix for a Yoga 2 Pro?

You should look at the option of a used motherboard on eBay. Replacing SMD memory is expensive and there is more to "memory" than the chips themselves. It would be really poor to pay to get the chip(s) replaced and then find out it is the memory controller circuit or some failing capacitor.


I do not respond to requests for private, one-on-one help. Your questions should be posted in the appropriate forum where they may help others as well.

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Re: RAM replacement or fix for a Yoga 2 Pro?

I am in the same boat.

It was my first Lenovo and I am not so happy with this problem.

I have been living with this problem for 6 months.


I'm almost ready to put it in the trash or it will probably hit the wall when it will crash on me at the worst moment.


I have a reflow station and I am ready to try almost anything before it hits the wall.





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