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Pitcairn Island

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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2015-11-30, 8:14 AM

I have the Realtek drivers version (06-2015)

I don't have in the registry the specified line.


By the address



I only have like 6 different parameters and also 2 subfolders




I've created the missing heximal parameter, it loos like this:

"ForceDisableJD"= REG_DWORD 0x00000011 (17)



I switched the Realtek Audio off and back on - but there's absolutely no change - the sound is still thought the headphones only.


Maybe soneone could post a screenshot of how this parameter should look?



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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2016-01-06, 11:26 AM

You can try this .  


Control Panel\Ease of Access\Speech Recognition


1-open the control panel

2-select Ease of Access

3-Speech Recognition

4-then click on setup a microphone

and choose the 3rd option named ( Other ) then clik next it will show you that the headset is unplugged

and the sound normally returns.






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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2016-02-21, 21:45 PM

I used Cesar's method.

First I had to download 2.69 realtek audio driver.

I had high hopes and went through all the hoops, changed the reg value from 00 to 11.


After doing all these, I actually lost the system sound altogether, no speaker, no earphone, no nothing.

To get the sound back to my earphone at least, I had to rollback my driver to what it was originally, or what it came with.


I got so frustrated and tried the in-out method with a 3.5mm jack.

I did it like 5 times and all of a sudden, my sound came back.


I am pretty sure it's not because of the reg edit because I reversed everything back to what it was before.

Either way, I am happy that it's back to normal now.


For those of you who haven't tried, try in-out method.  I didn't believe it would, but when the sound came out of my speakers, it was like discovering a new element.


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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2016-04-07, 1:48 AM

Hi Cesar_Guerrero,


I have tried to check on my registry and seems that I cannot find "ForceDisableJD" that you mentioned. I have attached the screenshot for you to see. Wonder if you or anybody here can help? Thank you so much in advance...







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United States of America

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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2016-06-10, 14:16 PM

Hello Amy,

What Lenovo support phone number should i call to reference this issue "Service TIP SF15-I0002/ HT102554".

I called Lenovo support at 1877 453 6686 and they had no idea how to access or find that service number you quoted in this post. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated!




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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2016-06-22, 17:05 PM


This is a really annoying problem- bad hardware.   You can solve this by spraying contact spray into

the audio jack and then insert/pull out a plug until it recognizes this action.   Case solved.  Not a driver

issue probably for 99% of the people on this thread.


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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2016-07-16, 8:43 AM


I am sure you all have tried everything. Basically its a hardware issue and to solve it is very easy BUT I HAVE A TWIST.

I am sure by now you must have read the IN - OUT of the wire in the headphone socket, but there is right way to do it.. as I had read it but thought it won't work as no one had given how exactly it happened!!


Step 1. Play something on your Lenovo Yoga 2

Step 2. Connect a head phone and see if you can hear something, If you can ..

Step 3. Pull out the cable - Now ideally you should hear something but as you can not ..we are there at the problem

Step 4. Now push the cable about HALF THE WAY IN - NOT FULL and keep doing that . This way it is EASIER AND FASTER to do MANY TIMES.  You might also hear a little buzzing type sound but its oke.



(I had done this In Out trick earlier also put it was very time consuming to put it all the way in and then all the way out... and then it didn't work also!!)

I had even done a reset of windows 10 and was about to do hard reset to take back my yoga 2 to windows 8.1 - the original factory Reset - but then i read that someone who had done it but still it didn't work .. so i thought i'll wait a little more and then do it... But Luckly I found THIS SOLUTION!!


I Love the way every one shares their solutions!! Keep it up everyone!


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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2016-08-23, 8:49 AM

The little ball, which detects the plug is of very bad quality. Some Dell notebooks suffer from the same problem. You can solve the problem easily by using some lubricant that improves the contact and cleans the hole in the same time, as others have suggested beforehand.


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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2017-01-14, 13:10 PM

thank you HeMo_Ge for the most effective solution to the Yoga 2 pro sound problem. It worked like magic. Well done.


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New York

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Re: Yoga 2 pro sound problem

2017-04-20, 18:04 PM

This solution worked for me perfectly!!


One thing to add,

make sure to use a desktop music player (I used Microsoft's Groove Music Player). The solution did not work when I tried to use a youtube video in Google Chrome for my sound source.



I've had all the problems mentioned in the thread and then some. I tried all proposed solutions (pluggin/unplugging the jack, muting/unmuting, installing latest realtek drivers, playing with settings, etc.) to no avail.


Earlier today, I had sound on one channel of the earphones, with still white noise, and no sound on the speakers when the earphones jack was unplugged.


I uninstalled Realtek drivers (through Windows install/uninstall software), which solved the white noise issue, but not the speakers issue.

Then, while the jack was in, and some sound playing, I closed the laptop's lid, putting the computer in sleep mode, removed the jack and reopened the lid. Internal speaker sound came back.


This clearly points out to some software issue, not dealing correctly with a combination of events: jack put in/out while the computer is in sleep mode. I've had the issue before with the same type of combination of events, where the earphones would not produce any sound, and it was usually solved by muting/unmuting while the earphones jack was plugged.


Now, to fix the wireless adapter instabilty issues... I still love my Y2Pro, despite all its small glitches.


I hope this helps.


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