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Regretting my purchase, can't run my business!

2016-01-19, 17:21 PM

I sent my Yoga 3 Pro in for service because the mini HDMI slot was not working (I was unable get my HD monitor to connect.).  They sent it back in record time, "all fixed" with a nice blue "QC Reviewer" stamp. 


I get home and plug it in.  Not only does the HDMI connection not work; now, the SD slot is inoperable.  And, the entire back cover is lifted away from the board on that side. What, exactly, does that QC stamp actually mean?   It can't mean Quality Control; if anyone had actually tested the item, it would not have left the shop. 


I've never sent in something for repair to have it returned more broken than it was when I sent it!  This is a big deal for me because I download pictures all day long for my business.  Now I'm sitting here, unable to work, with the promise that "somebody will call me within 24 hours" -- that was 48 hours ago. 


Not only is the product flimsy, the service is no better.  Just call them and you'll get this long-winded recorded explanation of how they are improving the "customer experience" by having you go to their website, enter all your info and wait for a call back.  No matter how you serve that up, it's not service; it's making your customers do your work for you.  I'm losing money every minute; I don't have the time for this!!  I paid way too much for this item to have to deal with this nonsense. 


So now I sit here with a busted, useless, expensive YOGA while I wait for someone to call me "by Wednesday morning."   In Lenovo land, 24 hours is really 72 or more.... 


Lenovo, I feel like a fool for having bought your product :-(




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Re: Regretting my purchase, can't run my business!

2016-01-23, 11:45 AM

It might be too late, but I've seen others report an issue w/ the HDMI output not working.  One of the easier causes of this was the HDMI cable itself was not correctly built and would not allow a deep enough insert into the port.  Have you tried a different cable?


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Re: Regretting my purchase, can't run my business!

2016-01-23, 14:06 PM
Contact support. Insist on speaking to a supervisor. Be persistent but polite. I started my Lenovo "experience" with a Y400 for my older son to do light gaming. It never seemed as fast as it should and after 6 weeks, the HD packed it in. That was replaced and 6 weeks later the HD packed it in. It was determined the motherboard was faulty and it was replaced and 3 weeks later, the HD packed it in. Another motherboard but, this time, it returned with damage to the screen and it literally fell apart(QC). Since then, I have received no less than 6 replacements, after each unit has failed for various reasons including 2 that were DOA. I started with a Y400 and seem to have ended up (crosses fingers) with a Y3P which has several issues of its own, on the way I've had a Y410(s), U530(s) and Yoga 3 14. Quite the journey. I joke to friends that I belong to the crappy laptop of the month club. You would think with this record we're hard on our tech? Lenovo is the only computer mfg that I've ever needed to contact customer support for repair and I've owned laptops from Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, HP, Acer and Asus. Before that, I built my own gaming desktops so I was the support. Once again, patience and Lenovo support will work with you. It's not the reps fault the product is sub-par, so don't take it out on them. I'm sure many do. Good luck!
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