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[Resolved] After changing the Power Ssavings mode on Yoga 13, mouse constantly flickers

Prior to today, I never had an issue with the Yoga 13. However, I changed the power savings mode prior to my class to go from Balanced to Power Save and changed the battery life from Life to Longevity. Since then, no matter what I am doing, my mouse pointer constantly appears as if it is trying to run something (IE the little blue loading circle). This occurs approximately every three seconds. However, after looking at the Task Manager, I can't depict anything that would cause this to occur.


I have restarted the machine thinking that that might have resolve the issue (as does most cases with Windows), but the issue re-occurs. So I thought, alright, I will set the power settings back to what they were before I changed them. Unfortunately, that didn't resolve the situation either. The mouse cursor still randomly appears with the loading screen.


While I am sure it isn't going to harm anything, it is incredibly annoying to see every few seconds. So, I was hoping someone might be able to help me out and assist me with this. I don't think this is being caused by any software I have loaded on (I only have installed four different programs since I got the laptop, all of which are on my desktop and don't experience this same issue), and considering it occured after messing with a Lenovo OEM software, I have a feeling that that might be the cause, but... I don't know.


I would appreciate any help you offered.



Resolved, I found this link:



Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: [Resolved] After changing the Power Ssavings mode on Yoga 13, mouse constantly flickers

Glad you managed to solve your issue, and thanks for coming back with the solution!

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