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Blue Screen Again
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Screen won't turn on on Yoga 900s-12isk

Hi! I was using my laptop last night when I got the notification that the battery was low. I just got a new power bank and I wanted to try charging the laptop from it. It didn't work so I decided to charge it the regular why. Before I managed to plug the charger in the screen went black but the power button still had it's light on. I figure that the battery was very low and waited about 10 minutes before I pushed it again, trying to restart the computer. Nothing happened, the power button was still on but the laptop still wouldn't start. I pressed and held and then the power button went off. After that, with the laptop still charging, I tried to turn it on again but it doesn't react. The white light by the charger port is on and not blinking anymore which probably means it's fully charged but other than that there is no sign of activity. I tried pressing the power button and holding up to one minute... nothing! I even tried restarting it via the Novo button, didn't work either. I've had it for 8 months and didn't have any problems with it up until now.


Do you have any suggestions?

Paper Tape
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Re: Screen won't turn on on Yoga 900s-12isk

Hi! Did you manage to find any solution?
Got same problem today. No light on power button, so I guess this issue is not related to screen. However, long press (>8 sec) on power button with AC plugged in results in power light turning off, then orange (sometimes red), then white again. So power button itself is fine too. Either it's some problem with battery or with motherboard.
Paper Tape
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Re: Screen won't turn on on Yoga 900s-12isk

Okay, solution that worked for me:

1. Disconnect power cord (just in case you still have it connected)

2. Remove back cover

3. Disconnect battery cord

4. Attach power cord - for me power button instantly light up, so I guess solution already worked, and no further checks were neccessary, but still:

5. (Recommendation) Turn laptop on, wait for Windows to load, shut down correctly, wait 10+ seconds, then disconnect power cord, attach battery, screw back cover.

Probably should look through power settings to avoid such situations...

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