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Re: Should I avoid the Yoga?

2012-12-04, 22:18 PM
Note that the Yoga's available now from BestBuy.com, and if you have issues, you can return it to your local store.

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Addressing concerns over the yoga

2012-12-10, 0:02 AM



As noted, we have quickly sold through initial stock of the Yogas, and have been a bit behind on the silver ones.  Lenovo direct sales has been offering orange ones to some customers with existing orders that needed them faster and didn't want to wait for the silver.


I expect we will get caught up reasonably soon .


We've been listening to early feedback from customers and have addressed a few of the issues reported here in the forum including the partitioning (we have a tip, and hotfix to free up more space) and are introducing revised partition allocation into new manufacturing.


We've also updated the touchpad drivers to resolve some early glitches with 2 finger movements and interactions with office.


We are looking into the fan - the Yoga has 2 fans and they do seem to start up and run at low speed once the system warms up.    While some may find this distracting in a dead quiet environment, the system runs cool and in  an office , coffee shop, or places on the go, you'd have to hold the fan vents up to your ear to hear it. 


We are also looking into some reports of touchscreen becoming unresponsive at times and requiring a reboot.


There is also discussion over wifi performance, but the experiences and reports from different customers seem to cover a lot of different scenarios - environment, router, preload or updated Win 8 (pro) install, whether or not there have been Windows updates applied, etc.   We are continuing to follow these discussions and collect data to see what updates can be provided.


In my opinion, these kinds of things tend to get reported on any system and given the volumes we've shipped, the marketing and publicity around it, I think the Yoga is a solid system and an innovative design and I would feel comfortable recommending it.


Best regards,




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Re: Addressing concerns over the yoga

2012-12-10, 0:09 AM

Thanks for the reply Mark. I actually got the Yoga in today myself and I do love using it!


My only complaint from using it for the majority of the day today is that the keyboard does feel a bit loose closer to the brightness adjustment buttons are - they make a hollow sounding click and the keyboard does show significant flex in that area. I'm just worried that the keyboard will come loose at some point.


Otherwise I agree, the yoga does seem to be a solid system.




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Re: Addressing concerns over the yoga

2012-12-10, 1:49 AM



Thank you for the update.  Its nice to know that Lenovo cares about its products and it's customers. 


Now I just need to decide between the Yoga 13, X1 Carbon Touch or the T430u.  I'm glad to have so many great ideas to select from.




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Re: Addressing concerns over the yoga

2012-12-10, 2:52 AM

I have used my Yoga 13 with wifi at home, wifi at work, wifi at public library, wifi in the mall, wifi in a bar. It worked great. No issues with wifi.


I have noticed that after I switch from tablet mode (360 degrees screen flip) to Laptop mode, sometimes the trackpad doesn't respond for a little bit but the touch screen does. I suspect that this is because in tablet mode, the keyboard and trackpad are disabled. So when switching back to laptop mode, I sometimes have to close the lid and open again. But I mostly use it in laptop mode so this is a non-issue for me. 


As far as keyboard flex goes, it is a lot less than my Dell XPS 17.3 laptop. The keys themselves don't flex. Only the plastic around the keys goes down a little if you push on it. My Dell laptop has a lot more flex than Yoga. I would have never noticed it until someone in this forum said to press between the P and 0 keys. But I never type by hitting the empty space between the keys. :smileyvery-happy:


Overall, very happy with Yoga 13. Although, I would have considered Thinkpad Carbox X1 Touch but it is not available yet and now I am keeping my Yoga.


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Re: Addressing concerns over the yoga

2012-12-10, 6:35 AM

I'm on my second Yoga in a week, and I'll be returning this one.


The first one wouldn't connect to the wifi in my home no matter what I did. My Android phone, my wife's cheezy Android tablet, Xbox, you name it all connect with out issue, it was the Yoga that wouldn't


After talking to the tech line, they suggested that since I had only had it 24 hours, to take it back to my Best Buy.


I really liked the shape, layout, and weight of the machine, and I assumed it was a fluke, so I exchanged it for another one.


The new one will connect after I try for about 10 minutes. There isn't any rhyme or reason to it. sometimes it connects right away, other times it won't work at all. I have all the latest updates and drivers. I'm very disappointed that I have to go back to my old HP laptop.


Lenovo came highly recommended to me from a friend of mine that works for a prominent chip manufacture, but after this I'll be looking elsewhere.


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Re: Addressing concerns over the yoga

2012-12-10, 16:32 PM



I am not sure how many devices you have connected to your home router but on some, there is setting which controls how many devices can connect at the sametime. When I first had my Ipad, It would eventually connect to the wifi after 10 mins. After checking in the router, I had the setting set to 5 devices. Well, two ipads + laptops + roku, etc it adds up. Maybe this maybe the issue your having? My provider is Verizon FiOS. Hope this helps.


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Re: Addressing concerns over the yoga

2012-12-10, 16:48 PM

Hi Mark, thanks for the update. My Yoga has a very noisy fan and I think it's probably due to the fan blades rubbing off their housing as detailed here. I am reluctant to fix the problem myself but I might have to as I purchased my Yoga in Best Buy but have since relocated to Ireland and there is no international warranty cover yet. Is this likely to change once it launches here next weekend?


Exactly how warm does the CPU need to get before the fans kick in? If I boot up from cold and immediatly fire up Chrome the fans start grinding away.




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Re: Addressing concerns over the yoga

2012-12-10, 19:25 PM

I won't hijack the thread, I'll start my own.


But I'll quickly touch on what was said.


I've tried several different router configurations, I even went so far as to go down to the local Starbucks in an effort to rule out anything on my end.


And after trying a bunch of different things that I shouldn't have to with a $1000 computer, Neither one has worked. The second one at least sporadically connects.


But I haven't had any of the fan noises, or anything else. In fact both Yoga's I've had I thought were remarkably quiet. I think Win 8 is cool, and I love the build quality. I really hate to give up on it.


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Re: Addressing concerns over the yoga

2013-02-02, 12:44 PM

Hours after placing an order for a Yoga 13 I registered in the Lenovo Community forum and read the posts about unresolved problems with Wi-Fi connectivity. With regret, I decided to cancel the order. There is nothing in the market that compares to Yoga's unique design. However, connectivity to my NAS is more important than design. Hopefully, the order cancellation request will be processed in time.

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