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Paper Tape
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Re: Should I avoid the Yoga?

Yes if you have ever used the F1 through F12 keys and found them useful.  The Lenovo designers, in their infinite wisdom, re-mapped them to non-standard commands. 

F7, for example, is now the toggle key for airplane mode; the same is true of Ctrl+F7 and Alt+F7.  To do what F7 traditionally has done, you have to hit the "Fn" key at the bottom of the keyboard plus F7. As everyone has occasion to put their computers in and out of airplane mode multiple times every day, I'm sure that's far more useful than the legacy uses of F7.


I have not discovered WHAT you have to do to get the equivalent of Ctrl+F7 and Alt+F7; adding the Fn key doesn't do it; one of them just disables the key entirely.  I will never discover it, because the box is going back to Lenovo for keeps after talking to their "premium" support person and learning that the only thing I can do is disable the F1-F12 keys entirely.  (Oh, THAT's useful)


Put this is in the "what on earth were they thinking?"  column.  Oh, actually, I know what they were thinking.  "F1 through F12 are s-o-o-o-o- 20th Century."

Punch Card
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Re: Should I avoid the Yoga?

Coming from a Macbook, I see exactly what they were thinking. It's an Apple-minded idea.

My Yoga, thankfully, has zero fan noise and the connectivity issues were because of my WPA1-TKIP encryption, I switched and it was fine.

It's a great laptop and it works great. My HUGE gripe is the beyond terrible Space Bar. It sucks. It really sucks.

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Re: Should I avoid the Yoga?

I sincerely believe it is all about support. A non mature product can happen butit should be pro-actively supported. Lenovo Support behavior on the Yoga is not good enough. There are serious issues that need to be adressed and their worldwide support stations should be aware of it. Everytime I speak to the Lenovo Guy on the phone he seems surprised about everything I am describing.... which is all the issues everybody is talking about here in this forum !!!!

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Re: Should I avoid the Yoga?

I had the Yoga 900 for 3.5 years.  That unit got hot but the fan wasn't noisy to a level of distraction.  

I now have the C930--just arrived today and the fans are NOT on, the unit is NOT hot, despite the fact that it is sitting on top of my blanket (which would have caused major heat issues with my 900).  

I was using a Yoga 730 15" and I am not sure how, but the download timing on this machine is so much faster than mt 730 that the migration tool took only 10 minutes to complete!  iTunes was a breeze.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best laptop out there!  I despise setting up a new laptop, but I must say, this time it's well worth it.  

If you are concerned, you can purchase from Best Buy and they have a 2 week return window.  I did that with the HP Spectrum--I just didn't like it at all.  However, I have purchased my last two computers directly from Lenovo.  I've not had any issues yet, plus I was able to secure this laptop at a lower price than what I could have gotten at Best Buy.  I just hate the waiting for it to arrive.  That's annoying.  (I have the 16 gig w/ 1TB SSD PCie NVME m.2. with the UHD display.  The sound is incredible and the screen is nice.  

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