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Blue Screen Again
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Should I just box my Yoga 520 up and just return it immediately?

Hugely disappointed. Lenovo seem to ignore posts on their social media so posting here in final desperation. Just bought a brand new Lenovo Yoga 520.


During setup the thing just fell over to the Oops screen, restarted and is now stuck at the 'Just A Moment' screen and has been for around an hour and a half now.


I truly hate lousy tech and wondered what to do and whether this is how it's going to be. Is there anything I can do and it not then it's back to the retailer to get my money back?


I've never owned Lenovo before, but instead brands like Toshiba, Dell and Apple who have never let me down and had heard good things about so am hugely disappointed but life it just too short to have to workaround sloppy badly built tech.


Any help and advice welcome before I get rid of this thing.

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Re: Should I just box my Yoga 520 up and just return it immediately?

Social media isn't used by support staff unfortunately.

If you have a spare machine, and you're good with computers and have a USB flash drive of 8GB, then grab yourself the latest Windows 10 iso from here:

Then reinstall Windows 10 from scratch, and go to to install all the appropriate drivers.


Download Lenovo Companion and its required driver, and follow onscreen instructions to install the latest drivers.

Warm regards,
Jonas Hendrickx

Lenovo Insider - Windows Insider MVP

Personal website: ThinkScopes

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