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Paper Tape
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Shrinking C and D partitions on Yoga 920

I'm looking to make room for a linux partition on my 6 month old yoga 920. I've got a "256GB" SSD which has a 212 GB Windows 10 partition (C) and a 25 GB LENOVO partition (D).


Windows 10's built-in partition manager (how-to-partition-windows) says that it can shrink this D partition from 25 GB to around 3 GB, and the C partition by some amount. What I'd like to know is whether this is safe to do and how far I should shrink them.


My plan is to create a decent sized linux partition (60 GB or so) and the more space I can get from this D drive the better. 

Punch Card
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Re: Shrinking C and D partitions on Yoga 920

I am in exactly the same situation and had the same question. From what I've read the D drive is just there to hold all the original drivers, etc from the OEM Windows installation. Mine has exactly 0 files on it (other than the hidden recycle bin and system volume information folder). The Disk Management snap-in shows 60MB difference between the size and the free space.

In any case, I shrunk it to 7GB, and shrunk the C drive down not quite half way, and everything seems to be working fine. Obviously I haven't tried doing anything with the D drive, but given its contents, I'm not sure there's anything *to* do with it. (I also haven't found any kind of "Lenovo Restore" type option that might use this partition in some mysterious way, so I'm half tempted to just remove it!)

In fact, now that I mention it, I'm going to post a question about just that! Smiley Wink

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