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Paper Tape
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Slow WiFi On Your Yoga 7XX? FIX!!

Hello all, Heres a little guide I am making to assist others who have the same issue as me where the WiFi on your Yoga is ubearably slow. For my example I will be using a Yoga 730 "15. I reccomend you follow all these steps before opening your laptop or cracking open the wallet at your nearest Geek Squad and turning your most likely software problem into a "hardware" problem. This method should work for all 700 series laptops and other lenovo products as these setting are purely based off of Vantage and built in windows software. 


What you will need:

  • Ethnernet connection and USB-C or USB ethnernet dongle.
  • Ethnernet cable
  • Internet connection
  • Lenovo Vantage
  • Power supply/Charger

Method 1: Lenovo Vantage

This method is about updating your BIOS to the latest revision. This can brick your laptop if you don't follow the warning provided by Insyde Bios utility. 

  1. Open Lenovo Vantage from the start menu by typing "vantage" and hit enter.
  2. You will need an ethernet connection for this part as vantage will not start without proper connection. 
  3. Once inside click on system update
  4. From there click on check for updates
  5. If you have never updated your BIOS before you should see that it found an update
  6. Click on the install button and let vantage download the Insyde Flash Utility, it will open automatically.
  7. Make sure you are plugged in, read the warnings provided, not following these will cause the software to possibly turn your laptop into a dead paperweight.
  8. Do as the software tells you to, it will reboot and you will see a screen that looks scary to a new PC user, don't worry this is simply your BIOS running off of its basic text interface. You will also notice that your fans ramp up. Since the BIOS is powerless during an update, the components get the maximum electrical power allowed by the circuits.
  9. After reboot check your connection, and use the internet for about 10 minutes. If you notice no issues great! If your connection is still sluggish continue to the next step.

Method 2: Device manager

This one can be a tiny bit more complicated, but thankfully I am able to reproduce the steps I took unlike the BIOS update. This time I will provide pics. For this step no dongles, or chargers are required. 

  1. Press the Windows key and X at the same time, you will see a menu full of options appear next to your start button.Screenshot (12)_LI.jpgClick on Device manager. 




















  • After slecting device manager a new application will open.
  • Here we will look for a section called Network Adapters
  • Expand the Dialog box and look for the corresponding WiFi card, usually starting with Realtek, Intel, atheros, or laptop brand name. Annotation 2018-12-30 014001.jpgdouble click it.












  • A new windows will appear, first click on the driver tab, and click update.
  • Click on Search automatically for driver software, windows will do it's best to find updated driver for your wireless card. 
  • When it's done it may or may not find an update, if not this is okay, we will still stay in the properties window for your wireless card. 
  • What you want to do next is click on the power mangement tab
  • Here untick the box corresponding to "Allow this computer to turn off the device to save power." As mentioned you may loose a little battery life, but you gotta ask yourself "Crap wifi or battery life?" I think we can all agree on which one is preferred. Annotation 2018-12-30 020045.jpg



  • If the new setting affects battery life so bad to the pont it bothers you try re-enabling the setting and see if updating the driver (as mentioned above) fixes your issue.
  • Restart your laptop
  • Once again browse the web for 10 minutes to see if the issue persists.

At this point these are the only two fixes I have dicovered, I will do my best in order to keep thread updated, but as of now this is all I got. Hopefully this worked for some of you. Please feel free to post your own solutions, critique me, or tell me your results after applying these fixes. Thanks for reading this! -Aedan



Paper Tape
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Re: Slow WiFi On Your Yoga 7XX? FIX!!

I will leave this post up, as it can be very useful to others facing this issue. However on my end the fix was using system restore, I believe it was a VMWare update or the other restore point called DirectNet. Im gonna do research on it, as I have no clue what it is. Thanks for reading my post hopefully it's not as pointless as it was to my own self. 


DirectNet is a FTP solution that mounts FTP servers as drives, not the issue. If you don't want to do a restore and have VM Ware uninstall it or switch to an older version.

What's DOS?
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Re: Slow WiFi On Your Yoga 7XX? FIX!!

For me it does not solve the problem.
Wifi drops still when it is on battery.

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