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Fanfold Paper
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Solution for Yoga 730 Battery Problem

Several users (incl. me) have noticed that the battery of their Yoga 730 drains very quickly. Mine lasted barely 2 or 2.5 hours with moderate brightness and use. I was about to return it until I stumbled upon a solution:


- In your BIOS switch the Graphic Driver from "Switchable Graphics" to "UMA Only"


My battery life went up to 6.5 hours after making that change, with no noticeable difference in performance. (this will be different if you play games)


- An additional solution is to buy an external laptop battery



Paper Tape
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Re: Solution for Yoga 730 Battery Problem

what if in our bios it does not say switchable graphics i am so confused

Paper Tape
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Re: Solution for Yoga 730 Battery Problem

I think this only works for the 15" inch version with Nvidia graphics. If you only have the intel graphics, there is no other graphics card to switch to. That's probably why you don't have this setting in the BIOS.
Have a good day

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Re: Solution for Yoga 730 Battery Problem

have you tried adjusting the Intel graphics settings yet? There are some tweaks for energy saving aswell. 

If you are on your desktop, just right click and then you should be able to acces the intel graphics settings

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