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Stutter, Lag, and general dropping frame rates in games - YOGA 720-15IKB Signature Edition

So whenever I play games (specifically grand theft auto five) I will boot it up and then within minutes it will begin to lose frames, but only for breif yet increasing stretches of time. My frames will drop to like 15-20, there will be the sound of static (as in the alteration of in game noise), input lag will occur (sometimes with times between 5-10 seconds of delay between when I push a button and when my character moves), and then after like a minute it will snap right back out of it, but do it again in just a little bit.


CPU: Intel i700-7700HQ CPU

RAM: 16 GB

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050


I have some pretty good computer stats, so I really see no reason why the game should be doing this.


Possible Causes


Inability to update Intel Driver (this seems intentional on lenovo's part)

The fans. Whenever my CPU Temp goes down, the game starts to lag, which seems strange to me, becuase I can hear the fan switching to low mode whenever it starts to lag. (yes this is right, I know it sounds weird)

Something about my Hard Drive not being actually used during the game (its only drawing assets, not actually computing anything, so it enters a sleep mode and hampers my performance)

Something about cloud storage eating up comptational power


Things I've done to try to fix it



I set it on full performance when plugged in

I turned off indexing

I turned settings way down

I tried to update the drivers (It wont let me do intel)

I've made sure I'm on NVIDIA as my primary graphics card during the game

I got a program to constantly stimulate the hard drive so it doesnt enter sleep mode (it seemed to work a little bit, but that could have been the placebo effect)

I downloaded CAM NZXT to find the source of the problem (this only made my computer lag more and overheat)

I gave up and played fallout 4


Interesting things to note 



This still happens (but far, far less) in games such as Fallout 4, Saints row 4, Overwatch... It happens to a much greater degree in Watch Dogs 2, which has more intense graphics. Fallout 4 arguably has more intense graphics than GTA five, but it hardly happens at all there. But just because it has happened in so many single player games, and not really that much in non graphics-intense multiplayer, I don't think it's a connection issue. I think its something in the computer.


This seems to be a big issue among lenovo computers, but I havent found a case exactly like mine yet. A lot of people have brought it up, and it always seems to have a unique solution, or none at all... I honestly have no idea. My skills are limited, but my motivation to fix the problem is high. Please help!


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