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Swap out 256GB for 500GB on Yoga 730-131KB-can do or not?

I just bought a Yoga 130-131KB and just found out I can't move all of my info from my old laptop, not enough storage.  Best Buy told me I could swap out 256 GB for 500 GB  (Samsung 500 GB  V-Nand SSD 970 EVO NVMeM.2).   I called Lenovo and they told me if I did this my warranty is null and void, they didn't tell me if this would work or not.  Has anyone done this, does it work?  Will it ruin my brand new computer?  If  someone has done this then I will do it, just want to get feedback.  Thank you.

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Re: Swap out 256GB for 500GB on Yoga 730-131KB-can do or not?

I upgraded my c930 to a Samsung eve 970 NVME PCIe  and it runs great! Looking at the internals online at the 730 it looks like the ssd is accessible and shouldn’t be a problem.. however I am not sure if the ssd is an M.2 ssd you would have to do note research on that.. 


i will I’ll say it Was a little bit of a headache to clone my ssd to the Samsung drive.. I bought a m.2 NVME PCIe external drive to clone the Samsung but the Samsung software wouldn’t recognize the drive.. I ended up having to download another cloning software and it worked fine.. probably the easiest route if you don’t have a ton of important files/software would be to reinstall a clean version of windows 10 from a usb and and then  Reinstall the programs you want 

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