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Lenovo Staff
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I accidentally uninstalled the Synaptic Touch drivers on my IdeaPad Yoga. I loaded new Synaptic drivers, but this one doesn't disable the touchpad in Tablet mode.


There are two methods you can try. The first one is more straight forward whereas the method B was recommended when the new driver stated in (A) was not yet released.


A) Download the Win 8 64bit touch pad driver from Lenovo Support site:


B) Check that you have the touchpad driver saved in the D: partition, i.e. D:\Drivers\Touchpad. 

 - Note that Intel Rapid Start driver cannot be installed because it needs a 8GB special partition which may have been already deleted.

 - Try the workaround by using 7-zip to unzip it and run x64\setup.exe by admin authority.

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