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Terrible customer service - Lenova Yoga 900 Cracked Screen

2017-04-13, 14:59 PM

I'm a global traveller, based in Africa, and wanted to share my terrible experience with Lenova Customer service.


After a 10 year stint with Apple, I decided to give Lenova a chance, given the improvement in their product line and opted to purchase a Yoga 900 in Taipei during the business trip there last December.


I was very happy with the product until last month, when I got  my screen cracked on a flight from Lagos to Nairobi. I thought, this is inconvinient, but I have global warranty so it should be fixed very soon. This is where the saga began. I checked four countries that i know I was visiting over the next few weeks to see if I can get replacement or a fix.


In Nigeria --> They do not have a service centre, so only through 3rd party service centres. I register for a repair, after 3 weeks, they called me to tell me they cannot get the part.

In Kenya --> same story

In Turkey -->  would take 3-4 weeks and no guarantee they would be able to source the part

In US --> the usual, would take 3-4 weeks and no guarantee they would be able to source the part. In addition they told me they are not even sure whether they can service my computer, given it was purchased out of US.


It is beyond me how a company who claims to be global can fail on customer service and support in such a major way. And I'm not even claiming this service under warrantly - just want a simple screen replacement or being provided with a replacement machine.


Yoga series suppose to be the flagship of the new, hip, business friendly, powerful Lenova. If they cannot provide support on what suppose to be one of their topline products, I'm not sure what they will provide support on.


This is a warning to anyone who is planning to purchase a Lenova - go head with your purchase but do NOT expect any post purchase support. Yes, it is 2017.









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Re: Terrible customer service - Lenova Yoga 900 Cracked Screen

2017-11-15, 12:21 PM

Totally agree - worst customer support experience and this is in UK!


I have the same issue with a crack appearing from the bottom and stretching right to the top. Never dropped it.


Emailed support including a picture explaining that I just opened/closed the laptop using the right (top) part of the bezel just as I have done for many different laptops over 15 years:


The response from Freya the UK rep was:

"As this is physical damage unfortunately this case is viewed as Customer Induced Damage. I see that you said that you opened the device with the right side of the bezel, you should open your laptop by pressing the centre of the outer case at the top. This is probably what caused your screen to crack."


She then advised the computer would have to be sent from UK to Germany for the repair!


This was so unbelievable that they admitted the bezel is not strong enough to be twisted around by pushing on the side that I requested she get her manager to call as I wished to make a complaint (not only about this but that Lenovo don't have support facilities in UK!)


Freya the UK responded:


"Unfortunately my manager cannot call you. All I can offer is an out of warranty repair following the CID process"


I am now totally flabbergasted she (and taking her word for it her manager) did not even have the courtesy to allow me to raise up a complaint.


Hopefully some sane customer support person in UK will read this and reply back to me with how I can raise up a complaint.




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Re: Terrible customer service - Lenova Yoga 900 Cracked Screen

2017-11-23, 5:05 AM

This is really bad. I have had mine Yoga 900 (80MK000YUS) for over a year and just got out of warranty. I was working with last night and after that shut it doen and placed it normally. Today I noticed a crack right across the screen. I have been very careful with this laptop and have not done anything to it. I am not sure as to what is to be done now.

I read all the posts about this issue in the forum and have not seen a response from Lenovo on any of them.


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Re: Our experiance as well! Terrible customer service - Lenova Yoga 900 Cracked Screen

2018-02-09, 18:57 PM

I have a Yoga 900 2015 model notebook computer and purchased another one for my wife December 2016.  I thought wow the new update was nice, a pound lighter and with a new metal hinge system (mine was the traditional hinge that is fastened at two places left and right). Well, my wife's Yoga 900 is also developing cracks at the bottom of the screen and not from dropping in December 2017!  I think the frame for the screen is not sufficient and the metal hinge creates too much flexing and that is why the cracks develop.  I called Lenovo January 2018 and the customer service person said that it is out of warranty by a month and they are not recognizing any defects in their design.  So OK, where can I get it repaired?  Best Buy said I could send it to their repair and they would take about 3 weeks!  We can't be without the computer that long.  I found a local repair that wants $350 to repair it (about a third of buying a new one).  I would encourage owners to contact Consumer Reports and complain and see if they will investigate the issues with Lenovo service and Yoga 900 screen cracking.  Their phone number is 1-800-333-0663. You can speak to an agent Monday through Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST, and Saturday 9:30am - 6:00pm EST . If enough people contact Consumer Reports about this problem the magazine may downgrade their ratings like they did with the Microsoft Surface in 2017 to a "not recommend". 


Lenovo wants to be a international company without international service and support.  Consider that before you buy and read complaints on the internet.  They aren't hard to find.  I wish I would have!

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