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Paper Tape
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Top tips for Yoga 2 Pro Windows 10 upgrade



I've held back from updatng my Yoga 2 Pro to Windows 10 having read of numerous niggles and teething troubles over the last few months.


However I'm now seeing more reports from users who have solved the initial problems, and would like to go ahead and update.


I've seen a lot of different posts from users troubleshooting specific issues but I'd be really grateful to any users who could pass on recommendations and best practice for installation. Should I go through windows update, or download an ISO for fresh install?..should I go with drivers from windows update or lenovo support site....etc.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Top tips for Yoga 2 Pro Windows 10 upgrade

For me I just updated through windows update and used the drivers that windows update installed. I didn't install any of the lenovo released ones as they all appeared to be the same or older version. I did make sure I was on the latest BIOS before updating.

 Issues I had / solution:
- Mouse two finger scroll /  Set HKCU\Software\Synaptics\SynTP\TouchPadPS2TM2132\2FingerTapAction = 2 (0 as default)
- Mouse driver "forgetting" windows gestures / Renamed HKLM\Software\Synaptics\SynTP\Defaults\AppProfiles to AppProfiles-save
- Windows resolution on built-in and other apps fuzzy (I run at 2048x1152) @ 150% custom global scaling / Set the three Desktop registry values to the following (LogPixels changed depending on the scaling you want). Note, this reverts to older single monitor scaling technique. I believe a later version of windows 10 may obviate the need for this.
1. HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\DpiScalingVer =  0x00001000 (0x1018 is default)
2. HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\Win8DpiScaling  = 0x00000001 (0 is default)
3 HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\LogPixels  = 0x00000090  (0x060 is default), this is for 150% goggle for others
- DMTF slowing down tablet mode, turned of DMTF in the BIOS, left YMC service running to detect various laptop configurations. Finding an updated DMTF driver will probably eventually solve this temp fix.
- Later went into device manager and pressed update driver on the Bluetooth,  Video driver and Intel management interface and got new drivers from the net. The end effect is the laptop seems to resume from stand by quicker. May be a placebo effect though.
- I had issues with OneDrive messing up file permissions when I also used Homegroups, I have since stopped using Homegroups but I suspect the bug has been fixed by MS. I have a fix to restore permissions if necessary.
- Dolby Digital no longer works, but I don't miss it. The installed version is tied to the installed realtek driver version.
- Energy Manger 1.5.1 works fine
- I uninstalled all of the other Lenovo yoga apps (EasyCamera, Yoga Picks, App Shop, OneKey Recovery, PhoneCompanion, VerifFace, Transition, Smart Voice) as I don't want/use them.
- I disabled autobrightness and display power saving (from Intel HD Graphics control panel) to stop flickering. This also happened on 8.1 by the way. I left Panel Self Refresh on however as this does save battery power. I don't have any display issues. (I haven't tried to connect external monitor so can't vouch for that working).
- To gain space on my 256G drive I did this since the recovery partitions and drivers are 8.1 specific I am left with 1000MB Recovery, 260MB EI, 1000MB OEM and the main C:\ Drive partitions. Not all of the first three are necessary but leaving them removes the need to move/mess with the main C: partition, and they are small.
Overall the system is now very stable. I am sure MS has been pushing minor fixes in all of the their updates. 


Paper Tape
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Re: Top tips for Yoga 2 Pro Windows 10 upgrade

Wow, thanks for such a comprehensive response.


I'll give it a go and see how I get on.


Thanks again.

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Re: Top tips for Yoga 2 Pro Windows 10 upgrade

Wilkster: thanks for all the details.  (I cannot seem to give you Kudos, but I tried.)


I rarely use Windows but I did upgrade to Win10 a few days ago, before reading your post.  Since I don't use it, I would probably not notice subtle problems.


I did notice that scrolling via two fingers on the touchpad stopped working.  From the Device Manager, I asked for a touchpad driver update but the system said I had the latest.  After much googling, I forced a driver re-installation (i.e. downloaded (same) driver and ran the .exe).  That fixed the scrolling.  Your approach was to use regedit, not something I like doing since the settings are undocumented.


DMTF seems to be a standards body.  Probably you (or the firmware setup screen) is referring to one or more of their standards.

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