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Blue Screen Again
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Touchpad randomly breaks and recovers with the last couple of BIOS updates

TLDR - touchpad breaks randomly and stays broken most of the time, seems like a software issue, couldn't find any fix yet, no online support


Since the beginning of summer, i started experiencing some really troubling issues with the touchpad on my Yoga 920. As time went by they became more often, up to the point where the touchpad is broken most of the time. When it's not, it's working for a while and, usually after coming back from sleep, the pointer disappears and doesn't come back. In Device Manager a refresh would show one of the I2C HID Device as broken. There are plenty of similar threads online with the same issue, yet no definitive solution.


Given that this is the laptop i use for work, I'd rather figure out first if this is a software issue, as i can't afford to have this offline 3 rounds of two weeks as it's the law in my country for getting a replacement if they can't find a fix. I've tried contacting both Lenovo and Microsoft and support for both redirected me to the other party, passing blame on them. Support for Lenovo US, which has an online chat feature, refused to provide any info on this, as if the issue would be regionally bound (???????).


Just before my recent BIOS update (5NCN41WW) the pointer was broken 90% of the time. After the update it came back and worked for a few days but now it stopped again. While i don't rule out a hardware issue, it seems odd to be fixed almost everytime randomly through software.


Has anyone had a definitive fix for this type of problem?


Lenovo, it's really disgraceful and dissappointing to have no type of support and QA for an essential feature on a 2200 EUR piece of equipment, that at the moment i bought it was supposed to be the top of the YOGA line. 

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