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USB C multiport adaptor

I invested in a Minix Neo USB-C multiport adaptor which seems to hold just the things I need. Unfortunately I must advice against using it with the Yoga 900s.

The good stuff is that it sports a HDMI, two USB3,and a micro as well as normal SD slot, but also a 1Gb Ethernet connector. I thought this is a send from heaven, only one connnection to host that many connections, great.

But alas. The Neo runs hot doing all that stuff, I measured 40°C or 104F. All that heat comes from somewhere and this is it, it will drain your battery pretty fast.

So it works as long as you plugin power as well but on the road this thing gets really bad notes.


Also some USB2 equipment, my Kanto YU2 speaker set is not found by the Neo probably because it uses just a little more power (? but why it is powered by itself!) to be found and operated by the Neo.


I would love having lenovo offer a decent USB-C multiport adaptor soon.

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