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What does the start-up yogaserver.exe file do?


I have a startup entry whereby a program runs when I start up Windows. It is called "yogaserver.exe".


Anyone know what it is and, preferably, what it does?


I don't think it was there by default. It might have been installed when I started using the "Support" or "Companion" app. I would like to remove it at least from the startup processes, as I don't quite understand why it should be running - but, then again, I don't want to disable it, if it's actually useful.


The yogaserver.exe is a part of the Yoga Smart Switch which works in conjuction with the Lenovo Transition app that does following:


  • Automatically disable/enable keyboard & touchpad when the hinge position is above 190 degrees (see image below)
  • Automatically enable soft keyboard when inputting under tent / tablet mode
  • Automatically switch to full-screen for using PPT/Picture/Video

yoga modes.jpg


This .exe file is enabled by default during Start-up and disabling this is not recommended as this may impact the features highlighted above.

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