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Windows Boot Manager boot failed.

Hello, I have a Yoga 2 Pro that I purchased and registered on Oct 31, 2014.


I wanted a clean install of Win 8.1 pro, so purchased a license, copy of same and installed on the laptop.  All good, installed drivers, and confirm I have installed 64bit version of bios v 38.


All was fine for about a week until approx Nov 7, I started having boot problems, the system upon startup would go directly to the windows blue screen with the unhappy face icon, how cute, saying I needed a repair disk.  I turned the laptop off and started again, and the laptop would boot up fine and run perfectly.  


Then approximately every 5 or 6 boots, I would receive the errors immediately upon startup:


Windows Boo Manager boot failed [ok]      I then hit return

EFI USB Device boot failed [ok]   I then hit return

EFI DVD/CDROM boot failed [ok]    I then hit return

EFI Network boot failed [ok]    I then hit return

Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed.

Insert Recovery Media and Hit any key

Then Select 'Boot Manager' to choose a new Boot Device or to Boot

Recovery Media [ok]  I then hit return


Then the yoga boots normally.  This happened several times, then did a complete new reinstall of Win 8.1 pro, and confirm I have the correct drivers installed, with no errors in the device manager.  Beside, this is, in my humble opininion, a bios/ssd issue, not a software, win 8.1 pro issue.


The problem persists.


I have seen in a few other messages that are older that recommend changing the hd in the bios to legacy temporarily.  I don't see the point, but, I don't always see it all :-)


Any thoughts on this?  This is my first post here so not sure if this is a user forum or monitored by Lenovo support.  I was looking for a email contact but got lost, and am trying here first before calling tomorrow.  


Thanks and best regards,



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Re: Windows Boot Manager boot failed.

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