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XBox Controller Issues - Buttons Randomly Change Function when Using Bluetooth Yoga 720

Hey Everyone, 


     As the title says I have a random controller issue.  When using the controller via bluetooth the buttons will sometimes change function.  I believe this is a setting in the laptop that does not work well with Uplay.  


System:  Yoga 720 15" 4K screen, i7 processor, 1TB SSD, 24GB RAM (8 soldered, 16 in free slot)


Conditions for Causing the Failure:


-  Playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands which is the only Ubisoft game on my Machine

-  Connected via Bluetooth

- Happens almost always upon launching the game. I can use the keyboard to get the game started.


I must connect the controller via USB for it to function properly.  Since it's a laptop that isn't a huge deal but it would be nice to be unteathered.  Also I almost always game with a cooling pad under my machine.  My core temps and untilizatoins are well within safe operational levels (which is why I switched back to a 720 from a 730...the 730 had terrible throttling issues). 


This issue does not occur with Battlefield 1 on the Origin platform.  It appears to be only an issue with Ghost Recon. The Yoga 730 I owned had similar specs and this issue did not occur on that machine.  I'd like to purchase another Ubisoft game to see if this continues but I just don't see any that I'd like to buy at the moment. 


Attempted Corrective Actions:


- I have updated the BIOS

- Uninstalled and reinstalled the XBox Controller Driver

- Uploaded XBox Accessories App but have not utilized it yet.

- Disabled / Enabled HID Compliant Controller (complete failure when this was disabled)

- As I said I can use a USB connection and the controller works perfectly.  


Anyone else have issues like this and found a solution?  I've checked the misimfornet and only found references of this occuring in Steam.  Any help would be appreciated.  Other than this I love this 720.  Killer machine!


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