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[Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2013-12-06, 17:17 PM

What kind of mouse are you using with the Yoga Pro 2?  Wireless or Bluetooth?  Best choice suggestions?



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Re: [Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2013-12-06, 17:51 PM

I use a wireless Microsoft Arc Touch with BlueTrack technology.  It's a bit pricey - $60 at Best Buy, but it goes along with my minimalist style which is one reason I got the Yoga 2 to begin with.


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Re: [Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2013-12-06, 20:23 PM

I'm using a Motorola Bluetooth mouse. Works fine with the Pro2, though had to uncheck some bluetooth properties box "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". It was less $20 on Amazon last week, but don't see it available now.


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Re: [Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2013-12-07, 19:49 PM

Bluetooth has the advantage that the receiver is built into the computer, so you don't use up a USB port and there's nothing protruding from the system as a USB receiver would (though most of them only stick out 1/4" or so).


The disadvantage to Bluetooth is the fact that it's a complex encrypted two-way radio link, so every time the computer or mouse "wake up", they have to re-negotiate and re-establish this link, which can lead to a delay before the mouse is responsive. Generally I think you'll have more problems with Bluetooth mice then you will with others. Of course Bluetooth mice work great for a lot of people.


Simple "wireless" mice usually just transmit "in the blind" and do not establish a bidirectional connection, so they're almost always available instantly, and there's no "pairing" process to go through etc.


I prefer to avoid the extra complexity of Bluetooth and have been very happy with the Logitech MX small notebook mice. Mine have always worked instantly on plugging the receiver into every computer I've tried, no drivers, no setup, etc.




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Re: [Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2013-12-10, 17:48 PM
I bought a Microsoft 5000 bluetooth and returned it. More hassle than it was worth, could not keep it connected and it went thru batteries at an alarming rate. I replaced it with a cheaper USB wireless mouse and love it. I realize it uses one of my USB ports and I have that small dongle hanging out all of the time, but it's only about 1/4", so I can live with it.

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Re: [Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2013-12-10, 18:21 PM
Lenovo N700?


Use the laser pointer to point where your wife or husband has to put dinner or a beer. Or you could use it to make presentations.

The N700 also supports gestures.

Kind regards,

Jonas Hendrickx

Lenovo Insider, Windows Insider MVP


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Re: [Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2013-12-17, 20:34 PM

I have a perfectly find Logitech "VX Nano" wireless mouse that I used on my old laptop but won't work on my Y2P.  When I plug in the mouse's USB receiver, the Y2P beeps indicating it recognizes a new device has been plugged in, and the mouse instantly works for about two seconds, but then then it completely stops working and might as well not be there.


Bought a new Logitech "Anywhere Mouse MX" which seems to be the newer model of the VX Nano, but with different name now. (Identical form factor, same sort of mouse wheel.)  Works beautifully, although I was worried it would have the same problem as my VX Nano.


I also have an older Bluetooth mouse that works, but barely.  Sometimes it keeps losing the connection every few minutes or so, then the connection magically re-establishes itself after another few minutes or so.  But on some days, it works just fine (no connection issues at all).  But even when it's working, the mouse movement is "stuttery", as if the mouse or the bluetooth can't keep keep up with my movement, and the tracking sometimes goes haywire - i.e., cursor will sometimes jump an inch or two in the wrong direction when I'm moving it across the screen.


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Re: [Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2014-02-11, 13:27 PM

I just ordered up the Logitech T630 anyone use it yet?  I have never been disappointed by anything Logitech, so I figured I would give it a shot.


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Re: [Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2014-02-11, 17:31 PM
I have it, but do not recommend it. Looks cool, but it's unpleasant and very inconvenient to use. There is only one physical "click" button underneath the mouse - akward and hard to get used to. No tap-to-click option.

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Re: [Y2P] Mouse suggestions

2014-02-12, 12:30 PM

Well crap, guess I will be sending it back. It's supposed to arrive Friday. That is a risk ya take when NONE of the electronics stores within an hour drive carry anything quality...bleh


Edit... any other suggestions, if I end up getting rid of it?

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