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Y2P display quality

2014-08-18, 18:43 PM

Ignoring the yellow color issue, do you guys feel that the display on the Yoga 2 Pro is noticeably better than 1080p laptops?   I mean sure 4K videos might look great but when you are looking at documents, surfing the web, watching 1080p videos, reading emails or doing the things you do 95% of the time, do you feel like the higher resolution is benefiting you vs a 1080p display?  


I’m just curious because I don’t notice that much of difference.


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Re: Y2P display quality

2014-08-18, 22:36 PM

Do you follow the "battle" of smartphones or tablets with resolution ? It's the same story, it's a question about the density per inch of pixels or ppi. More the pixels per inch is high, better will be the text on the screen. For an optimal quality, 350 ppp is recommended.


A simple operation can be done to find the density of a display, an example for a 1080p laptop at 13,3" :

square root (1920² + 1080²) / 13,3 which make 166 ppp. A Y2P has a 276 ppp display, so yes I saw the difference everywhere compared to my previous 1600x900 display and I think it would be pretty the same with a 1080p.

However it's a pentile display (WRGB), so it's not that smooth as it should be particularly with colors. A pentile display need more ppp than a classic RGB display to counter the white pixel you can see sometimes.

A bit hard to see and understand with text..


But it's a comfort, and yes it may be unnecessary just to work but because the Y2P is not just a laptop and also a convertible you can use as a tablet, I think that yes it's useful ;)

Lenovo Yoga 3 pro

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Re: Y2P display quality

2014-08-19, 4:40 AM
For me it feels a lot better than a regular 1080p display. You notice a lot of difference when you start zooming out on things. On a 1080p things start to look blurry faster than on a QHD display.

For me 1080p is perfect. But the QHD display also has a few advantages.

Kind regards,

Jonas Hendrickx

Lenovo Insider, Windows Insider MVP


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