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Got the dreaded "SMI_IsSupport() failed." error trying to update the BIOS on my BRAND NEW Yoga 13.  After several tries, and calling Lenovo's premiere tech support, I was told it was a hardware issue, and I woud need to send my unit in for warranty repair.  


I"m particularly sure that this is not a hardware related issue, is there anything that I can look into or do before I finally send in for service?





  • Download the 66cn55ww_x64_en.exe file from the Lenovo Support Site. (Or please click the Link below)
  • Launch the executable, and it will unzip all of the files into C:\BIOS\66CN55WW.  It will run automatically and fail with the above error.  
  • Once that happens, go to the BIOS\66CN55WW folder, and RIGHT CLICK on the 66CN55WW batch file,
  • Select "Run as Administrator" from the drop down, and follow the instruction until complete.

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I only get the title error after an error that states that 'the system is currently under Intel Ant-Theft Technology 4.0 protection. Please un-enroll the client .... before performing BIOS update. When I click OK, I then get the error above.


I have tried turning off LoJack protection and that did not work. I find that 'Computrace' is enabled in the BIOS and I suspect that is causing the problem. The current BIOS does not allow me to disable 'Computrace'.


How can I upgrade my BIOS?


I have the same problem. And trying the 'rus as admin' still doesn't work. When i do, the command window opens and closes immedeatly and nothing happens anymore....


btw i am running BIOS version 51



The bat file contains only one line of code:

Insydeflashx64 66CN55WW.ROM


You may add 


to it, then the command window will not disappear.


Alternatively, go to the command line as admin, change to the correct directory, and type:

C:\BIOS\66CN55WW>InsydeFlashx64.exe 66CN55WW.ROM


It still does not help against the blasted "The system is currently under Intel Anti-Theft Technology 4.0 protection..." error, but it's a start.

I logged on to LoJack and change the state of my device (a Yoga 13 under Win 8.1-64) to inactive, but this did not help so far, I get the self same error.


I'm on Win 8.1 trying to update to version 55 of the BIOS. I follow the instrctions and restart the PC - I end up with 'Invalid Firmware Image' and it restarts.


Any ideas?