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What's DOS?
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Re: YOGA 710 14IKB Screen flicker

Thanks!!  This also worked for me.  More info if it helps...flip the laptop over and unscrew the (10) screws using a T5 bit.  Four of the screws are longer than the others, so keep track of them.  With some gentle prying, you can pop off the cover, and tighten the screws inside the cover with a phillips (P1) screwdriver.  For me, the screw(s) at the back right were loose, near where the laptop is hinged.


Presumably there is a ribbon cable that connects the computer to the display in the hinge, and if it were loose or not grounded, it would make sense that would cause a flicker.  Whatever the cause, my problem is gone.  I suspect all of the opening/closing of the laptop caused the screws to work loose, so perhaps I will have to repeat this maintenance someday.



Also good to know for a change there was a literal screw loose behind the keyboard, and not just a figurative one (sorry, couldn't resist).

Paper Tape
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Re: YOGA 710 14IKB Screen flicker

YOU ARE A GENIUS! I can't believe tightening all the screws actually worked with my display issues... Thank you.

Lenovo Technical Support is clueless.
What's DOS?
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Re: YOGA 710 14IKB Screen flicker

I just did the above... and it was like magic... thanks a ton.

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