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Paper Tape
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YOGA 710-15IKB with 16BG or 32GB SODIMM

I have seen that people have beed doing "asymetic" setups on Yoga 720 so the first question is of course has someone done it on 710? Additional info that may or may not be relevant, the "-15IKB" is with 4K LCD. Dont know if that variant may have some other internal differences (it was released as a kind of extravaganza). 


2nd question (assuming that 16 GB add-on works, probably CT16G4SFD824A) - has anyone tried to add 32GB SODIMM and the 2nd? That should give 40 GB total.


No "official lines" please (unless someone wants to spell out real limits, not "what the spec says") - tribal knowledge is what I need :-) 



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Re: YOGA 710-15IKB with 16BG or 32GB SODIMM

The YOGA 710-15IKB has a single socket for memory. That means you can add only 1 RAM module, and nothing else! No second modules. You could try to add the 32GB SODIMM, and then you could get 32GB memory total, if it works (sorry, I have no experience if it works). The CPU should support up to 32GB, but I have no idea how your system would react, sorry.


The YOGA 720 15" model has a 8GB soldered memory IN ADDITION to the memory socket. The 710 does not have the soldered memory, just the single socket. So while on the 720 you could have theoretically 40GB total (8GB soldered + 32GB module), that is impossible on the 710 (1 socket only). 


Lenard | (I am a Lenovo INsider - a volunteer and not a Lenovo employee) | @lenardg
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Paper Tape
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Re: YOGA 710-15IKB with 16BG or 32GB SODIMM

That's actually good news, don't have to worry if asymetric setup is going to skip a beat under some circumstances. Thnaks for the info. I don't really care for these extra 8 - much beter not to have to worry about asymetric channels at all.


Now all I need is someone else co come by and say "I did it, this is the SODIMM SKU I used" :-). 


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