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Fanfold Paper
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Re: YOGA 730 flickering, Screen blicking

This is just an update to my 6-15 post above:


It has been about a month and still no more flickering.  


I was at first hesitant to install any additional windows, or lenovo updates, fearing something could break it again.  I decided to take all updates, since I'm still under warranty and best to have it start again now, than later.


There is still always the nagging thought that it would be typical bad luck for this thing to start flickering again as soon as my warranty expires!



What's DOS?
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Re: YOGA 730 flickering, Screen blicking

Hey guys, I have same issue, I bought from best buy 11 August 2018  , after one week  start to flickering, I was in school that time and studing intensly need laptop every single day . when I came to Best buy they told me to leave laptop for 2 weeks, i could not leave laptop since my school was intense and because of flickeing my vision get bad , my groupmate had same issue, he had additional laptop and he was fine to send his laptop for two weeks ..... so I am here right now almost one year past . I am still with flickering computer, please fix and return. My suggestion to Lenova    "i think Lenova knew they have this issue why not provide alternative solution. switch laptops or provide something .................." almost all holders of Lenova yoga 730 has flickering 




Best Regards 


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