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Blue Screen Again
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YOGA 910-13IKB - No sound or USB when battery is installed

This is a crazy one. I had an issue, just like everyone else on here, where the audio was no longer working. Then to find out, I noticed by USB wasn't working either. So, I naturally purchased a new audio/usb board. I installed it and it worked for about 15 minutes. Then out again.

I thought that was crazy so I went back to my old school Toshiba with W7 (WHO CAN BLAME ME, W7 RULES). I decided today though to get it out of the dusty drawer and give my $1000.00 laptop another look. I finally noticed that the USB and sound (residing on the same board) works great without the battery installed. WEEEEEIRD.


I've got three theories below.


  1. The battery is heavy enough to disconnect the cable from the motherboard.
  2. The motherboard has a faulty connector that loosens the cable when the battery is installed.
  3. Bad battery. This one would be so odd to be the real deal.

Any other ideas? I'm already about $75.00 into this project and rather not spend more on a battery. I cannot afford another motherboard. Perhaps, soldering a connector onto the motherboard may work?

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Re: YOGA 910-13IKB - No sound or USB when battery is installed

The first question:  Is your 910 still under warranty - many are.  If it is, let Lenovo figure it out.


I don't have a 910 to look at, but the USB hub controller couuld be bad.  It is possible that a bad USB hub on the motherboard could be the problem and it could make it work when the laptop was cool.


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