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Paper Tape
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YOGA 920 Thunderbolt 3 Port - No devices found - Solved

Hello there,


I recently bought the Yoga 920 and tried to connect the HP Omen Accelerator for use as an eGPU. However, something seems to be wrong with the thunderbolt connection.


When I connect the accelerator, the device connects for a split second (typical USB connection sound) and then immediately disconnects again (typical USB disconnecting sound). I tried different setups for the eGPU, I tried every possible driver I could find, I tried a different Thunderbolt cable and I followed every step on the Omen Website, nothing changed.


Now, after looking at the Thunderbolt Controller Driver it tells me that the Controller-Driver-Version as well as the Networking-Driver-Version are unknown. I suspect, that there is something wrong with the thunderbolt driver/fírmware. Could it be that somehow the drivers aren't recognized? Any ideas as to where I could continue from here?


Any advice is appreciated!





Edit: To anyone who has the same problem. Sometimes the easiest solutions are the best. Two things could'Ve been the problem:


1. My antivirus blocking something. I uninstalled it and installed a different one, while I was working on the Omen problem, can't verify if that was the reason though.


2. I had the Thunderbolt Programm Window open when I connected the device. Not sure if I had tried that before, but it worked.


So, it was probably either the antivirus or the thunderbolt software not being open before connecting. Anyway, seems to work now.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: YOGA 920 Thunderbolt 3 Port - No devices found - Solved

Hi, thank god someone also bought the omen egpu. I just bought the omen egpu but it does not charge my laptop and it connect&disconnect when I do not connect the power supply. Is your omen egpu charging the laptop? Where did you find the thunderbolt software to install? Thank you so much!

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