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Year on, is the Lenovo Yoga 720 still worth buying? Need advice!

Hey all! I've been thinking about buying a laptop for a while now as a companion to my full desktop and I really like the idea of 2-in-1s. After a lot of research I'm heavily leaning towards the Yoga 720 15" model (i7 processor, 4k screen) as it's got a good balance between power and price. However, as the laptop's been out for almost a year now I was wondering if it's still worth purchasing or if there are any alternatives I should look into? I'm aware that there is a Yoga 730, but I live in the UK and it is currently unavailable here with no information on release date or pricing. In America, it looks like the 730 costs a lot more than the 720 for comparable specs so the upgrades might not be worth it for me. Laptop's also cost a lot more in the UK so it's probably going to be out of my price range. I'm looking to use it for photo editing, maybe some light video editing, and some games engine work (Unity/Unreal Engine 4, but nothing at a highly advanced graphical level) so a dedicated GFX card is a must. I'd also like it to be as light as possible to take with me when I go out with my camera. TL;DR: Is the Yoga 720 still a good purchase a year on, or should I look at alternatives? Many thanks for any help!

Paper Tape
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Re: Year on, is the Lenovo Yoga 720 still worth buying? Need advice!

I would't buy anything from Lenovo. I just bought a pretty expensive laptop from them and it was supposed to include a stylus but wasn't included and seems like there is an update everyday which you can't turn off. For example today it was an update from Levovo Vantage and it earased my pin, so was a nightmare trying to regain access to my laptop. I used to be a Lenovo fan now I hate them. I would strongly advise to not get anything from this company... you will probably regret it!!

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