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Paper Tape
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Yoga 11 from rt to anything else...

I have just bought a yoga 11 with windows rt, never heard of it before and I have bought the laptop to make it easier to use certain drag and drop software, now I realise that  rt is totally utterly useless even after using the emulator, could I install any other software? such as Ubuntu or win 7 or (preferably good old xp)  and would it be compatible with the touchscreen and work as should? I mean it cant be that hard? they had big touch projector boards in schools running xp 9/10 years ago?

What's DOS?
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Re: Yoga 11 from rt to anything else...

The best you can do is upgrade it to Windows RT 8.1. That's a huge improvement in every way, but you still end up with a locked-down variant of Windows which can only install apps from the Windows Store. You cannot install any earlier version of Windows or Ubuntu.


I actually like RT 8.1. The browser is excellent and I use Office all the time, but it also gives iPad-like battery life. So there are upsides too.

Token Ring
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Re: Yoga 11 from rt to anything else...

Windows RT is a separate branch of the Windows tree. Microsoft made it to run on ARM hardware rather than the traditional Intel chips. Most of the other versions of Windows out there are for x86 CPUs and therefore won't run on the ARM chip in your Yoga 11.

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