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Paper Tape
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Re: Yoga 11s shuts down randomly

I have 9 different ideapad that are great systems, but unfortunately all experience the same issue whether shuting down suddenly and randomly, or get the out of virtual memory issue and can only be rebooted.


I have tried everything and the onlything that worked for me and works great resolving all problems, is by reinstalling fresh, no reset, or upgrade, but a full fresh install.  After the install and all the Windows 10 updates, I only install a few of the Lenovo drivers like the Realtek sound and memory card drivers.  After that all my systems are working flawlesly. Real work horses !!!


FYI I tried uninstalling all the Lenovo stuff and go from there but without success.  I am not sure what Lenovo driver or files is causing such a behavior.  Just do not install them.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Yoga 11s shuts down randomly

My Lenovo 11s shuts down suddenly after 30 minutes on the dot from the time I turn it on. I've figured out through a lot of web searching that this is most likely a problem with the Intel Management Engine Interface firmware on the BIOS chip. Unfortunately, it is not something that seems to be repairable without Lenovo providing an Intel MEI firmare update for this machine. I've tried everything from reinstalling windows to a factory reset, but since it doesn't seem to be an operating system or driver problem, I'm stuck. From what I can gather, only solution is to replace the motherboard.


Anyone else notice if the shut down happens at exactly 30 minutes after turning on? 

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