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So the issues I am having:


  • Computer spontaneously switches to tablet mode even though computer is on flat surface and not shaking.  This is so inconvenient, because it disables my keyboard and mouse every five mins or so and the only way to get it back into notebook mode is to put it on sleep and open it back up.I had to do this twice when writing this. 


  • In addition, the screen likes to rotate spontaneously on me.  I found that the ctrl + alt + arrows will change it back, but within four or five seconds it will rotate it again.


Does anyone know of a manual switch or something of the like that will change it from tablet to notebook mode? 



1) Disable this service called "ymc". To do that,

  • Open control panel and type "Local services" in search box.
  • Click on Local services, scroll down to "ymc",
  • Right click > properties > stop > startup type: disabled.
  • Restart laptop, the keyboard and mouse disabling problem should be gone.
  • Also note that disabling ymc doesn't really effect anything, your mouse and keyboard will still disable themselves when in tablet mode.

Put your laptop in tablet mode, then press the auto-rotate button on the side.

  • Disable the rotation, and now it shouldn't rotate again.
  • Re-enable it by pressing that button once in tablet/tent modes.
  • You can also right click on desktop, choose screen resolution, and then uncheck "Allow the screen to auto-rotate".

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I have an issue with my Lenovo Yoga 13 and the Auto rotate. It auto rotates 180 degree when I plug in my external monitor via HDMI cord. I have been using this cord and monitor for months and it worked properly, but now it suddenly started to rotate 180 when I plug in. Please help?


Impossible to use. Brand new Yoga 720.  Sleep mode changes once per second. Blinks screen. Even in BIOS.  Power button will not start system generally.  Flashes messages on screen, too fast to read, but saw "autorotate" messages, and some others. Managed to do initial configuration of windows, but not anything more.