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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2019-07-04, 16:18 PM


Here's a really nice SpeedFan setup, completely silent. Warm temps, and I have done a few passive cooling mods, but should still preform well on a stock laptop. If you would like me to post my passive cooling mods, let me know.

Left Fan

Up threshold 0c. Down threshold 0c. Fan speed 0

Up Threshold 60c. Down threshold. 55c. Fan speed 10

Up threshold 63. Down threshold 55c. Fan speed 20

Up threshold 66c. Down threshold 55c. Fan speed 50

Up threshold 78c. Down threshold 70c. Fan 60.2

Up threshold 78c    Down threshold 67c.  Fan 100



Right fan 


Up 0

Down 0

Fan 10



Up 60

Down 55

Fan 10



Up 63 

Down 55

Fan 20



Up 66

Down 59 

Fan 50



Up 68

Down 63

Fan 60.2


Up 78 

Down 67

Fan 100




Sorry for the sloppy format, but figured it'd help with some of yalls problems and quickly typed it on my phone. Idle is between 45 and 55 and reaches 72c during gaming. Pretty good considering the 105c tJmax.

I'd be interested in the passive cooling mods!


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2019-07-05, 7:35 AM

Funny Enough, years later, I'm still using the Yoga 13, and this is actually the very laptop I'm typing this on.


Now- I will warn you about this: Obviously for something to be cooled passively, it needs to give off heat. These mods will significantly increase the exterior temps of the Yoga. 


So here's what I've done to mine, and while I can't promise it'll make your Yoga any better, I've run it with it like this for over three years now. 


Ill list the easiest first. This is not necessarily a passive cooling mod, but helps the fans keep it cool under load. 


First you'll need to remove the keyboard.


Once you have the keyboard off, you'll see the two fans. Take this time to clean them out using compressed air. Be sure not to spin them up too fast with the compressed air as this can damage the fan motor and motherboard fan controller circuitry. 


On the bottom side of the keyboard, you'll notice a greyish sticker thingy. This ""greyish sticker thingy" ensures the fans suck air from all over the keyboard, which helps keep the keyboard nice and cool all over. While this is good for comfort and noise, it hurts cooling performance a bit. Simply peel this off and that's done. You will now notice that your idle and load temps will be lower, but also that your keyboard may get slightly warmer near the ram and cpu. (A-F, Z-C) (Esc, Volume) specifically. 


Couple this with the NBFC curve I listed above and you should have a pretty well performing machine now. The next ACTUAL passive cooling mods that ill edit in later will just extend the amount of time and the amount of load the Yoga can take before the fans kick on initially. The stock lenovo fan curve is good at keeping the laptop cool under light load, but its pretty noisy at idle. 



(will edit in the passive mod soon when i have time)





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