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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-06, 0:57 AM

Hi Andy1990zx - thanks for commenting. Unfortunately my Yoga has the buzzing noise mentioned in this blog post. I bought it in the US but have since relocated to Ireland. It's launching here on the 15th so hopefully International Warranty Service will kick in then as it's not currently covered according to the Lenovo IWS webpage. I could probably fix it myself but don't see why I should have to. Any idea if/when IWS cover will be available. What's the best way to harass Lenovo service for a BIOS/EC update :smileyhappy:?


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-06, 2:25 AM
Hi digitaldr, maybe a service hotline, or Lenovo Online Service on www.lenovo.com. Lenovo service is very nice so I think it's worth to do that.
How to get BIOS version: Windows key + R --> cmd --> wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-06, 3:35 AM


I disagree with lenovoyogauser's sound level desription. In my bedroom, no TV or radio, with the door closed, the sound can be heard from anywhere in the 12x10 room. I cannot accept that the fan is on ALL the time. I often do research in quiet locations (labs, library) and I can still hear it. Perhaps I am sensitive to the pitch, but it is observable.  Not full on/full speed, but loud enough to disturb.  It does spin up during certain games, but I expect that since it's CPU intense.

Side note: I did return mine to Bestbuy on 29th day (out of 30) hoping a system fix would be released before I ran out of time.




I don't understand what you are disagreeing about. Obviously he was speaking about his exchanged Yoga, not yours. Maybe you got a defective one, maybe not.


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-09, 4:05 AM

Another update. My exchanged Yoga has been running great. No fan noise issues so far. I have been taking it every where (places where I wouldn't dare take my 17.3 Dell laptop to). I have already sold Windows 8 with a touch screen to many people. I take my Yoga to every work meeting, library, kids play area in the mall and I even took it to a bar and sat it on the counter and all the bartenders and even bar patrons were very impressed!


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-14, 23:35 PM

+1 on fan noise. The fan runs 100% of the time when just browsing/editing. Coretemp shows load 4-10%and temp 35-42C.


A firmware/BIOS update that starts the fans around 50C+ might work.


Product nr: 590340248.


Otherwise a happy camper.


(As a comparison - my MBA and Macbook pro has no fan noise when performing same tasks).


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-15, 21:55 PM

My Yoga was manufactured on November 27th and bought in Finland. Its fan is constantly on, even where there is only a very light load on the computer. Though the fan is not that loud, it is still very audible (and irritating) even when standing a few meters away. Bios really should be able to fix this.


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-16, 11:00 AM

My fan is always on too however my last laptop sounded like a 747 sitting on the runway, it doesn't bother me but still would like it to work correctly. I sometimes play a little Farmville 2 during my study breaks, fans get real loud but will resume back to low after 10 minutes of closing. I live in Florida so when the summer comes, I doubt I will be able to use this outside. I'm waiting for a bios update and since this is my first Lenovo, is it normal for issues not be addressed? I love this pc but the lack of communication support makes me nervous.


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-16, 11:04 AM

Due to my absence, I may not reply your posts and/or personal messages


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-17, 14:08 PM

Any new info on this thread? I have the same problem. My fan constantly runs on what seems like medium speed. The fan goes faster if I do some 'heavy work' work.. but it never goes down to low speed. It stays on medium even if the computer is ice cold.. I love the computer.. but the constantly running fan is very annoying!


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2012-12-17, 23:55 PM

Returned my Yoga 13 to Best Buy today.  I'm a very experienced Thinkpad user, having owned several over two decades.  I have an open mind regarding Windows 8 and realistic expectations regarding initial hardware implementations.  But the fan noise on the Besy Buy purchased model was simply unacceptable.  Always on, and discernable in my office with a four-fan workstation running, and an open window.  After-hour living room use made the refrigerator sound like pleasant white noise.  Please keep in mind, though the implementatoin isn't absolutely perfect, in all other ways I was very satisfied with the hardware effort of the Yoga 13.  I was willing to try a second unit, but Best Buy did not have any in stock.  I might still do so, but in order for me to repurchase with any confidence, I will need Lenovo to explicity address the fan issue or offer the product at a significant discount through their outlet site.  Just my thoughts and experince, but coming from two decades of professional mobile computing.

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