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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 11:54 AM

My fan constantly runs a what seems to be a medium speed.. even when the computer is cold and basically idle. I can't hear it when I'm in an office environment.. but it is really annoying in a quiet room. There is no need for the fan to run 100% of the time! Hope this gets fixed soon.


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 13:45 PM

NINE, thanks.

I'd like to emphasize a few elements of this problem, probably on behalf of many of the users here.


  • The problem at hand is that the machines' fans are always on once the OS boots, regardless of heat or processor load.  There are some folks with fan grinding noises (who have in some cases modified their hardware to fix it), and I have no doubt that's a real issue that should be addressed as well; but these are two separate issues.  The grinding problem is related to placement of the hardware.  The fan always running is likely not such a hardware problem.  We're experiencing the fan always running even when the CPU temperature is very low by laptop/Core UV standards, which is a fan regulation issue.
  • SpeedFan and other tools to control fan speed don't solve it; they don't detect any fans.  That is worrisome to me because it suggests there may not be any sensors and the machine simply defaults to always running the fan, but I'm not the expert here and I know it can run at a higher speed based on temperature, so there's hope for a solution here.
  • It's not "normal behavior" for a fan to be running all of the time.  Fans run because the machine needs cooling.  When the machine is cool, the fan shouldn't run.  This is how every other laptop I've owned has worked; ranging from many MacBooks to the Samsung Series 9.
  • The problem is not just manifest in the (evidently rather troublesome) BestBuy P/N 59340248 model.  It is across models, of which I've now had three.  And a few users may simply not notice.  That doesn't excuse it for the rest of us, because this behavior isn't normal and is representative of a malfunction that ought to be addressed legitimately.  Acknowledging that some users or CSRs providing customer support to the board here can't hear the always-on fan in an office environment or perhaps on a C-130 aircraft is fair enough, but it doesn't resolve the issue for home users or address the problem at all.
  • By all indications the fan doesn't actually need to be running for the health of the machine in this case--and other laptops are able to regulate fan operation without issue.  So it shouldn't be reducing the fans' lifespans by running fans on a cool laptop all of the time needlessly to begin with, the distracting noise notwithstanding.
  • Suggested (layman's) solution: Release a BIOS or driver update that regulates the fan more reasonably; e.g. raise the temperature threshold for the fan to activate.  It's far too low right now.


I truly hope that the solution is possible and that this machine allows control of the fan by the BIOS or drivers.  If the fan is simply always on regardless of temperature and there is no sensor, then we deserve to be told that.  Yes, it means I'd return my machine for a refund.  But without knowing that, users simply continue to be frustrated and bad word of mouth can cost many more machines than simple acknowledgment of either, "This isn't possible because [the fans aren't connected to temperaure sensors|some other reason]," or, "We are working on a [BIOS|driver] update to solve the issue."  It's disconcerting that one of the CSRs' themes here is that there's no problem because you can't hear it in an office environment.  Even if true, which it likely isn't, why would you ignore the fact that the machine is faultily running the fan all of the time?  That isn't normal or appropriate fan regulation. 




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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 14:29 PM
Spot on!

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 14:53 PM

Well said FredCandy. It's disgraceful that Lenovo haven't even bothered to let us know if they're working on a fix or if they even regard it as a legitimate problem (it is!).


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 15:16 PM
As of my experience, it's not true that the fan is instantly on when the OS boots. If you boot the Yoga, then don't do anything, it takes up to 30 seconds until the fan starts running.
So I assume it's a temperature treshold at around 40°, and afterwards it never goes below that, so the fan keeps running and running even in idle.

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 17:10 PM

skyy73, lucky you. Everybody's else Yogas' fans start instantly when the computer is started, including mine.


FreedCandy, Good post. NINE, read that FreedCandys post in the end of previous page!


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 17:18 PM

I actually have that BestBuy P/N 59340248 model and I am still wondering if I have the loud fan (which si why I was asking for someone to post a video).  I think my fan runs all the time, but what annoys me is what I think I'm wearing is coil whine from the CPU, but maybe it's something to do with the fans.  I can't imagine anybody in a library or something being able to hear the high frequency noise I'm referring to here though, so that's why I'm asking for a demonstration, and I'm sure it would help Lenovo too to have hard evidence of what people are talking about.


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 17:43 PM

The fan noise was pretty well drowned out by other noise in my apartment, but I've been away for a few days and in a quiet room it is VERY noticeable and quite annoying.  There's gotta be something they can do to fix this.


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 17:52 PM

I don't believe the fan is capable of a lower RPM setting.  That means the solution is on or off, based on temp.  Instead of a constant whir, you will have to listen to it turn on a few minutes, then off, then on.... Which is more annoying, always on or ramping up and down?


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-15, 18:17 PM

There absolutely is a temperature sensor, and the threshold to turn it on is around 40C.  90% of the time that occurs within seconds of booting, but I have had the occasional time when it takes longer.  See my post here.  Basically this threshold is so low that for all practical purposes it's always running, even under very light loads when it shouldn't be.  According to floris1988 it's also nowhere near the recommended limits for the CPU.


noxxle, you can design a double threshold (I describe one in my post) so that it's not turning on and off constantly.  It probably already has one, but the values are so low that it doesn't ever hit the lower one to turn off again.


If the design team prefers to keep it this low to prevent the laptop from feeling warm even when it's well within the tolerances of the CPU, there can be a BIOS setting to toggle between favoring coolness (lower thresholds) and favoring silence (higher thresholds) kind of like how we have a BIOS setting to switch between the function keys defaulting to F1-F12 or brightness/volume.  You can see from this forum that there's demand for it.

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