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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-31, 19:16 PM

My thanks as well - a very clear response to our questions.  I definitely hope to repurchase.


One quick follow-up question:  Is there some thought into using differing fan speed tables depending on the mode (i.e. laptop vs. tablet)?  It would seem like this would allow for mitigating the heat problem you detailed while allowing for a quieter profile in laptop mode.


Many thanks,



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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-31, 20:44 PM
bloo, thanks for the update and the explanation. Very happy Lenovo is working on this!

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-31, 21:20 PM

Thank you so much for the reply.


over the years i have avoided lenovo because of the black n red think pad form factor.  I always appreciated that the service and build quality were far better than that of dell, samsung, asus and all the other brands but could not stomach the design associated with the think pads.


when the yoga came out i jumped in the queue to get one and immediately abandoned my asus zen book.


in terms of comparison, the zenbook has a terrible keyboard an unusable touchpad and associated software and drivers that kills almost all windows installs.  the forums and internet are littered with complaints, workarounds hacks and mods yet asus do not listen and the terrible user experience continues.


when i got my lenovo I was very impressed with the build, the simplicity of the design and the reliability of the drivers and software.  


I was obviously disappointed with the fans but resigned myself to accept that the form factor is one that needs cooling.


I am so pleased that Lenovo do listen to their customers both technically minded and otherwise and in turn address their concerns with employed representatives in the forums that lead to solutions.


well done for renewing my faith in big brand computing.




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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-31, 21:23 PM

I've been keeping up with the thread since this morning but haven't been able to post until now.  Thank you for the information on the upcoming update, and I too, think that stand mode is the best, most useful, and most innovative thing about the Yoga.  I never use tent mode, but I use stand mode all the time.  It's the best way to game 99% of the time.


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-01-31, 23:26 PM

You're awesome, Bloo, thanks for the thoughtful reply.


Here's a Lenovo employee confirming the throttling (and proposing a solution that doesn't work ?):



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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-02-01, 12:14 PM
Just wanted to add my thanks. Hope you're giving consideration to thermal maps for those of us who primarily use our Yogas in laptop mode.

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-02-01, 13:27 PM

A quick update:  I spoke with our teams last night.  The projected release for the update and backlevel packages is going to be close to end of February.  It usually takes a couple of weeks to do packaging and full verification, and we're going to see some delays due to holidays.  I apologize for the delay, but I'd rather we take a bit longer and not accidentally screw up systems.  I also didn't want to leave you with "more than a few days" and come back three weeks later with "Soon! No, really! I mean it!"


A couple of follow up points:


tristech: Can you give me the 59 number of your system?  PM it to me, if you don't mind.  I'll check the configuration info and dig in to the CPU throttle in Stand mode behavior.


Also, digitaldr had a comment along the same line as this question from iiiiRightiiii:


"One quick follow-up question:  Is there some thought into using differing fan speed tables depending on the mode (i.e. laptop vs. tablet)?  It would seem like this would allow for mitigating the heat problem you detailed while allowing for a quieter profile in laptop mode."


This is an excellent question.  I've given this a lot of thought.  My concern with changing thermal tables based on use mode is that we would absolutely get feedback from at least some users that it's quiet in notebook mode, but LOUD when switching to stand mode.  That said, I think that idea is good, but I'd take it a different direction.


Instead of having use mode switching, where our choices will again work for some but not others, I'm thinking put an option in BIOS.  Something like Accoustic Performance (quieter fans, higher surface temperature) and Thermal Performance (louder fans, lower surface temperature).  We already do this on some ThinkCentres and it may be a good option for this type of platform as well.  That way users have a choice: if you're not bothered by fan noise, choose Thermal Performance (the likely default).  If your first thought is "those fans are too loud" and you're OK with a warmer surface, switch to Accoustic Performance.  That way, (1) you have a choice, (2) it's easy to switch back and forth, and (3) you know exactly what you're getting, regardless of mode.


Whether this is something I can get in to future products or not, I can't say, but it will be part of my Lessons Learned recommendations.  I think it's a good idea, and I think this thread is an excellent business case for it.  Besides, in my opinion the more control you have over your system the better. 


Again, thanks for reading.



Full disclosure: Lenovo issues my paychecks.

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-02-01, 15:33 PM

I originally posted about my fan noise issue (I believe I have a unit where the fan blade was hitting the housing) on January 3rd. i had the issue straight out of the box. After 7 phone calls over 3 weeks, I finally received my replacement from Lenovo yesterday. No noise issues out of the box. Love the computer, hate the customer service. 


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-02-01, 16:49 PM

Thanks for the updates, bloo.


My computer makes a noticeable whine/ring/buss/electric hum noise that correlates with processor activity.  From my research, I think it may be the processor entering and exiting the C3 state... however I've also read it may be a coil on the motherboard.


While the fans are annoying, I'm concerned that making them quieter will make the noise (let's call it "noise from the motherboard") more apparent.


Is this noise normal?  Is it an issue with Intel iprocessors (as some posts on other forums have indicated)?  If I send my laptop in for service, can Lenovo replace the faulty components?  Will they wipe my hard disk in the process?




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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-02-01, 17:28 PM

Posting to report the same problem on my girlfriend's recently purchased Yoga 13... same high pitched noise and fans running at full despite the computer being idle. We just recently purchased though so we still have time to return it. It doesn't look like there will be a resolution to this problem anytime soon, so replacing our unit for another Yoga probably won't solve issue. I guess we're just going to pick up the Asus UX31 instead. It's too bad, absolutely love the Yoga but having such a high pitched noise from the laptop at my girlfriend's office is a deal breaker.

yeah well after 2 months of owning this laptop i think i will return this laptop in the next month as well and get a asus taichi u31 if this and trackpad issue isnt fixed.. i am already leaning towards ditching lenovo due to their horrible customer service.. i have always heard great things about lenovo and thinkpad lines and how their ideapad line of products wasgood as well.. yah fuking right.  


all i have to say is HAIL american express return protection

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