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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-13, 23:52 PM

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-13, 23:53 PM

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-14, 5:03 AM
Alright... did the EC fix on the first page of this topic. Wish I had come across that sooner... seems to be much quieter now. The fans still never stop here, but the noise level is perfectly acceptable, to me at least. I never would have thought to look this up as a "problem" if it was at this level from the beginning. This should be the default, in my opinion.

I'm not noticing much heat so it still seems like the fans should shut off once in a while. But I'm good for now. Thanks for pointing me back to the beginning, folks!

I'll check in from time to time to see if there are improvements, but for anyone with louder fans, I definitely recommend the solution on the first post.

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-14, 14:16 PM

thorsimpson, I agree with you the ECUpdate improved the situation, but further usage will point out it is very much flawed.  

Again, a second version of this update is needed, I am sure a few tweaks to the current thermal table will be enough. I would guess robust EC-software is needed in the new yoga 11S as well? 


Surely someone from lenovo can have a second look and improve the thermal table a little... feels like it's so close to be perfect... so that's frustrating. Any plans to have a second look at it, lenovo?



I'd rather have an official solution (that works 99% instead of 60%) instead of waiting for a 3rd party fix.




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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-15, 4:14 AM


Just a quick FYI: I have no idea why the 55 BIOS hasn't made it to the web yet, but I intend to find out this evening.  It should have been on the Yoga 13 driver matrix ages ago.



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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-15, 6:44 AM


that was a week ago...


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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-16, 1:47 AM

Right now I am escalating the team responsible for getting this update posted.  This is ridiculous.  I'm out of the office until late next week, but if this isn't posted within a couple of days, someone PM me and I'll put on my "not only am I p-ssed, but now I'm dealing with this on vacation" face.

Full disclosure: Lenovo issues my paychecks.

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-16, 5:45 AM
Thank you, bloo. I appreciate your effort. We know you're the wrong person to blame.

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-16, 7:08 AM
Is there a bios version for Ideapad U410?? Fan is always at full speed even at the login screen after a restart.

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Re: Yoga 13 Fan Noise

2013-04-16, 9:04 AM

Hey, I have the opposite problem on my new Yoga, it gets boiling hot shortly after a standing start (all I am doing is surfing the net, no videos) via Firefox. It is uncomfortable to keep on my lap. I shut down last night, left overnight, switched on this morning and it is red hot again. Can I make my fan run faster / harder to cool it down?


Bottom left corner when in normal, laptop arrangement is where it gets hot. I bought the UK full spec with the larger SSD and more memory, don't know if that is relevant, running i7. The heat is intolerable and I don't have a desk at home.

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