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The fans in my Yoga 13 are loud and they spin all the time.  Is there anything I can do to change this?


Yes, with a caveat.

Lenovo has made available a special version of Yoga's Embedded Controller (EC) which contains an alternate thermal table for users who feel the fans are too loud.  This alternate thermal table will delay the initial spin up of the fans, and will spin the fans up to a lower initial RPM than the default EC.


Caveat: While the fans will run less and at a lower RPM with this special EC, this means the system's operational temperature, and therefore surface temperatures, will be somewhat higher.


Below are links to download the special version EC with the alternate thermal table, and to download the default EC with the manufacturing default thermal table, so users may try the special EC, then revert back to the default if desired.


To appy either EC, you will need a USB key (flash drive) that can boot to DOS.  The download files contain step by step instructions for applying the EC.


For advanced users: You will need to switch Boot Mode to Legacy to boot DOS, run EC.BAT, then switch back to UEFI after you have flashed the EC.



Special version download


Default version download


NOTE: If you have updated to the special version and experience issues with Intel Rapid Storage Technology, please update BIOS to version 55 or later.   BIOS 55 may not also include the update to the EC which controls the fan, so updating to this BIOS without first updating from the first link above is unlikely to change fan operation.

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Thanx bloo

Update works like a breeze. The fans now turn quiet when the computer isn't doing any work. So far, no problems with the yoga heating up (working with it on my lap). Actually, maybe on the contrary: it seems to me that the hot air venting out from the PC, with the fans running high was a bigger problem.


This update does not really do what I hoped.  My hope really was that the fan was stuck in "on" by mistake, and that this would cause it to spin down most of the time.  This is not the case.  At normal load, the fan runs just like before.  This update does not change a thing other than slightly delayed start to the problem. 


In essence, the fan noise is still too loud for a study hall, library or a meeting in a quiet room, even after applying this update ):  Unless there is a more radical update in the near future, I must return my Yoga 13 due to this issue ):  Makes me sad, since its such a great machine in every other respect.


A question about the note: I understand that if I have already updated the BIOS to 55, without first operating the EC change, there is nothing I can do about the fan noise?


Note book fan control.  It allows you full control over the fans.  You can create a thermal template or just turn the fans on when you think it needs it.  Just be careful not to roast the CPU


Hi folks. It's january 2014. I just bought a yoga idea pad 13, realised the fan noise and went throught the forum. The mashine was allready equipped with a 66cn55ww Bios but i updated to the above mentioned ec version 66ec42ww. fan is still loud. So I kept pn searching for other articels. An i found a hint that there are power managers available with fan control. My one does not have this (may be it's a problem for the German version i am uisng?). So: Where do i get a power manager with fan control. I would also us an english one. Thnx in advance.



The best way to control lenovo yoga 13 fans is with notebook control there is even a config file for the yoga which works pretty good. Suggest you install coretemp to monitor temps until you are sure that the fan controller on auto is ok for your demands. Notebook fan control is here: Use google translate if you don't get autotranslate. There is a user manual p.d.f. which you can also download in English. Works great for me - fan hardly ever on or run at less than 20% which is silent but core temps in the range 50-60 C which good and as good as when the fans ran flat out all the time. ope this helps. Smiley Happy

Dont use this, read this, there is a design flaw:


 NOPE NOPE NOPE. EC.bat just takes you to an empty prompt.


I bought my yoga 900 today, and the only program I run was firefox. I was studying! But the fan makes lots of noise (not expectable from a brand new powerful device) and also the bottom of monitor gets hot. CPU sometime works higher than exoected. I might have watch a flash at most.

If it goes like this, I will probably return it, since my expectation was much highr from this device.

Any idea if it is normal with device or mine is messed?!!


On most machines, the excessive fan noise is caused by the processor being overloaded by the a rundll.exe proces that handles screen rotation. This process does not shut itself down and continues to endlessly chew up about 30% of the cpu. Then when you switch screen modes again, it starts up another duplicate process, and so forth.  So after switching screen modes (especially between 2 different users), you'll end up with most or all of the cpu being used up and the machine witll start to overheat and the fan will run and run an run. Over time the fan will get louder and louder because it is continually running.

Obviously, there are tons of time consuming things you can come up with to work around this problem. (Easiest being just manually killing the processes). But, these are NEW Lenovo machines, and switching diplay modes is a BASIC 2-1 operation.


If Lenovo can't handle even the most basic 2-1 functionality (switching screen modes), then it is a BIG problem. I refuse to put up with a crappy product that was not inexpensive.  And I'm amazed that Lenovo has not addressed this problem and/or provided any resolution.

As such, I HIGHLY encourage other customers to respond in the ONLY way that will get Lenovo's attention. And that is to RETURN your laptop and get a refund.  Luckily I bought mine from Costco, so the return was hassle free.  I hope your return wil be as simple.


The fact that its been several months now, and Lenovo has not responded makes me even happier that I made the right decision and returned it before I got past the 90 day return policy.


Come on Lenovo, get your act together!